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Top 7 hairstyle apps for iOS and Android

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The hairstyle can make or break a person’s first impression, or so they say, and if you’re of the same belief, we’re guessing you’re quite particular about your hairdo. A change in a person’s hairstyle can completely change the way they look. While visiting a specialist and sorting out styles is the best way to go about it, you can also use the power of smartphone apps to check out and try new hairstyles before you head out for that specific cut.

Hairstyle apps have evolved manifolds and can now even suggest different styles depending on the shape of a person’s face — suggesting you the best according to its algorithms. In this article, we have listed the seven best hairstyling apps that work on Android and iOS devices and will help with your daily grooming needs.

Style My Hair

Developer: L’Oreal | Size: 244.9 MB (iOS); 52 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Style My Hair has a large database of hairstyles and hair colours. You can try different looks by changing different hairstyles available on the app. You can even change your hair colour to see what suits you the most. Style My Hair also provides free step by step tutorials for hairstyling to get the best look at home.

Download Style My Hair here: iOS, Android

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Fabby Look

Developer: Research at Google | Size: 66.5 MB (iOS); 36 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Fabby Look is another good option among hairstyle apps. You can upload your picture and try on new hairstyles virtually. You can also try on different shades of colour on your hair to see which one suits your taste the best. Try different trendy hairstyle and colours and share amazing pictures of yourself with your friends on a social network.

Download Fabby Look now: iOS, Android

Hairstyle Changer

Developer: Kailash Mondal | Size: 33.4 MB (iOS); 23 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Similar to other hairstyling apps, Hairstyle Changer also lets you try various hair colours and styles. This is a unisex styling app. It has more than 50 hairstyles for both men and women. It also has beard and moustache styles. This popular makeover app is quite handy and easy to operate.

Download Hairstyle Changer here: iOS, Android

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Hair Zapp

Developer: Style Concept SC KG | Size: 215.9 MB (iOS); 23 MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

One of the most popular virtual hairstyling apps, Hair Zapp lets you easily try on a new hairstyle on your phone for free. You just have to click a picture and try different look to choose which one makes you look the best. One of the unique features about this app is that you can compare your favourite hairstyles side by side.

Download Hair Zapp now: iOS, Android

Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Developer: Touch Multimedia | Size: 40.3 MB (iOS); 20 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Hairstyle Magic Mirror is an app which allows you to edit your hairstyle easily on your phone. It has various hairstyle and colour options for both women and men. You do not need to have any prior beauty knowledge to access this app. It is light and easy to use.

Download Hairstyle Magic Mirror now: iOS, Android

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Hairstyle Makeover

Developer: Appdicted LLC | Size: 75 MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Hairstyle Makeover is available for iOS users only. Like any other hairstyling app, this app also has many different hairstyles available for you to try. Use any hairstyle on your photo and easily adjust its size according to the shape of your face. It also has options like moustache and beard styles for men.

Download Hairstyle Makeover here: iOS

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Developer: Mary Kay Inc. | Size: 93.7 MB (iOS); 54 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover app literally gives you a virtual makeover. It has a combination of makeup option, hairstyle, hair colour, accessories. Simply choose a photo from your gallery to apply makeup and do a complete makeover without spending a penny in the salon. This app also lets you create your picture avatar to share with your friends.

Download Mary Kay Virtual Makeover here: iOS, Android

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