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Top 11 offline games for iPhone

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The iPhone and the App Store revolutionised mobile gaming adding levels of excitement to what may have otherwise been a boring car ride to a park or a subway trip. In recent times a lot of games have started requiring an active internet connection to play, and this can be a considerable drawback, especially when a spotty connection is in the fray.

To help you counter the boring phases of travels as well as to give you a break once in a while without having to worry about the stutter caused due to a poor internet connection, we have compiled a list of 11 games that work when offline and will help keep you entertained.


Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outA favourite among the chemistry fanatics, Atomas is something that anybody can grasp within a few seconds. The gameplay revolves around the idea of fusing two atoms into one with the help of simple taps.

The game starts you off with the simplest of atoms which upon fusing lead to noble ones like Argon or valuable ones like Gold. But the game is not as simple as it sounds as you are only allowed to have a limited number of atoms in play and once this limit has been crossed it’s game over.

The game also offers additional game modes like Time Attack, Zen Mode and Geneva if you ever grow bored of the Classic one, making for a perfect on-the-go experience.

Check out Atomas on the App Store here

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The Mesh

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check out

If you happen to be a person who loves playing with numbers, The Mesh is just the game for you. But keep in mind this brain teaser of a game does not play nice. The premise of the game is to combine numbered tiles to generate a designated number and get a high score.

Variations like a timed mode and a mode with limited visibility of the cells help break the monotonous nature of such games. The game gets over when you run out of cells; thus, each move must be carefully thought over.

Check out The Mesh on the App Store here

Wood Block Puzzle

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outThis is a game that belongs to the era of hyper-casual games. The objective here is to keep your board empty. You will be provided with various types of blocks which you need to place into the limited area, whenever you complete a row or a column, it does get eliminated.

An addition which differentiates this game from the others in its category is the soundtracks which provide the perfect ambience while you go about your block eliminating experience.

Check out Wood Block Puzzle on the App Store here

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Stardew Valley

Top 11 RPG (Role-playing Game) for Android | Candid.TechnologyStardew Valley, an RPG that first became popular among PC players because of its take on farming simulation added to its success with a mobile release. It begins with you inheriting a farm that belonged to your grandfather and moving to the countryside for a new beginning.

The game incorporates relationships, real life-like farming mechanics and a great storyline to create an experience that can pull you in for hours and hours.

Check out Stardew Valley on the App Store here

Drop Flip

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outSilly physics contraptions make for the some of the most boggling games. Drop Flip requires you to drop the ball into a bucket by manipulating the random obstacles that a level provides you.

The game has 128 levels which the developers mention are solvable. The minimalistic visuals and assortment of colours also make it fun looking.

Check out Drop Flip on the App Store here

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Sputnik Eyes

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outSputnik Eyes is another puzzle game that you can tap into when you are on the go, much like the little characters in the game. The objective of the game is to help the colour coded robots, known as Eyes, traverse their designated path to their final position.

The paths that have been laid are entangled and will need you to tease your brain if you hope to complete all of the handmade and randomly generated levels.

Check out Sputnik Eyes on the App Store here

Cut the Rope Series

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outThe Cut the Rope series of games have easily been some of the most enjoyable physics-based games in the history of iPhone gaming. It all started with a mysterious package that shows up with Om Nom in it.

The goal in this game is to get the candy into the little green monster’s mouth while avoiding the perils posed by an adorable spider and the hazardous spikes. Each game in this series introduces unique mechanics making for an enjoyable experience.

Check out the first iteration, Cut the Rope on the App Store here

Monument Valley Series

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outMonument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are puzzle games that utilise optical illusions and enthralling visuals in the most immersive manner. In the first game, you play as the silent princess Ida who is on a mysterious quest. The sequel has you controlling two characters — a mother and daughter —  which adds another dynamic to the tricky game. Stunning visuals, engaging level designs, and moving stories in both the games make them worth having on your device when on the move.

Check out Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 on the App Store here.

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Super Stickman Golf Series

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outThe Super Stickman Golf is a golf game with a twist. The game utilises mechanics similar to a physics platformer requiring you to calculate each shot and implement the right power-ups to make it past a stage within the fixed number of strokes.

The first version came out in 2013 was followed by two sequels which showcased new courses and gameplay additions which have kept the experience fresh.

Check out the latest release Super Stickman Golf 3 on the App Store here

Tiny Wings

Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outThis side-scrolling game has one of the simplest game designs ever, but it can sure pull you in with its visuals. The character you play as is a tiny bird with tiny wings — as the name of the game suggests, and your goal is to keep flying without letting nightfall catch up to you.

The landscape of the game is made up of hills which you are supposed to use to gain speed and fly, timed taps and releases are the strategies for a great score in this tiny package.

Check Tiny Wings out on the App Store here


Top 11 offline games for iPhone that you must check outThis 2D platformer is a game that is a recipe for mindless fun. With the 8-bit design, funky characters and catchy soundtrack, once you have figured out how the controls work, as the game mentions in its description, “It’s time to hit the court for some crazy slam dunks.”

To play the game, you use the two buttons on your screen to jump forward or backwards while your character’s arms do all the stealing and dunking. The game has several game modes like Tournament, Arcade and a two-player mode which allows you to share the screen with a friend for some versus action when on the move.

You can check Dunkers out on the App Store here

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