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7 best sites to learn music online

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It is one thing to love listening to music, and it is a different ball game to understand the intricate details involved in creating groovy songs. However, the logistics involved in learning music keeps many potential future artists away from living their dream. The reason might vary from the price of the tuitions, time, or maybe travelling to a particular location. Now, who doesn’t want to see themselves killing it behind the mic, in front of thousands of people and probably giving autographs later?

If you’re chasing the dream and wish to fastrack your progress aided by the excellent resources on the internet, here is a list of the seven best websites where you can learn music online without any hassle.

Music Theory

When it comes to learning music, Music Theory is one of the oldest names on the internet. As the name suggests, the site emphasises on the theoretical part of the music. It offers lessons on the basics of music, rhythm and meter, scales, key signatures, intervals, and different kinds of chords. Music Theory also provides exercises for practice in which you have to identify a note, scale, chords, intervals among many others. It also offers practice guides for ear training.

Visit Music Theory here

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YouTube tutorials

How to create a YouTube channel and get custom URL?One of the smartest ways to learn something in this digital age is through Youtube. Like many other fields, Youtube has completely changed the music industry. It is not only a place to listen to the top hits from famous artists but also a great way to learn and showcase your talent to the world. With a simple search like how to learn to play guitar, violin, piano, Youtube comes up with hundreds of options to hone your skills.

Visit YouTube here


Coursera is a learning platform for interested students who want to learn how to create beats and music for their songs. They offer a variety of online courses, from prestigious universities and industry leaders, and you can choose any particular genre of music you want to learn — right from the fundamentals of music to production and the music business. Courses here are rated by the students who’ve attended, which further helps in making a decision.

Visit Coursera here

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If you are a newbie, Ableton is the best platform to get started. From the makers of music instruments, Ableton provides a step-by-step learning process in making music for beginners. It teaches you the difference between, chords, drums, beats, melodies and the very basics of notes, rhythms and scales by taking you through the different stages in the exercise. Once you finish learning the basics, you can go to the advance learning process through interactive training.

Visit Ableton here


Soundfly is a comprehensive music learning platform with a lot of depth and detailing in their courses. However, what stands out is the mentorship model. Their website is divided by the course they offer to help learners produce, play, write and discover. While they provide a variety of free classes, their paid mentor-driven courses will guide you by creating a learning plan as per your needs and provide feedback.

Visit Soundfly here

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With both paid and free music lessons, Noiselab has tutorials from Ableton certified trainers or successful industry artists. The main feature of the website is that it offers flexible learning lessons that allow students to learn at their own pace. The site has a boot camp for new users, which lasts a few weeks. The lessons cover almost everything in music production and beat creation.

Visit Noiselab here


Lightnote is one of the most exciting websites to learn music. It is the easiest site to learn your music basics. They offer lessons on sound waves, harmony, pentatonic scale, chromatic scale, chords, keys and diatonic chords, among others. The entire website is based on FAQ model, which teaches you via answering the most common questions students have when they start learning music. They begin with a lesson on sound waves which only takes 60 seconds.

Visit LightNote here

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