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7 best sites to learn music online

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7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.Technology

Music connects across borders, cultures and languages and if you’re looking to indulge in one of the most beautiful art forms out there from the comfort of your home, here is a list of the seven best websites that will help you to learn music via lessons and study materials.

These will teach you basic concepts through the help of short videos. Most of the sites mentioned will provide you with information and worksheets or interactive tools for learning concepts of music theory. If you’re keen to learn music check out the sites mentioned below and choose the one you like the most.

Ableton’s interactive ‘learning music’ course

7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyIf you want to start from scratch then this site is for you. This course is specifically made for beginners by Ableton. It will take you through different stages of making music. The site helps you learn the difference between drums, bass, chords, and melodies, and teach you the basics of beats, notes, and scales. It is an interactive session and once you are done with basics you can shift to advanced topics such as major and minor scales, triads, and many more.

Access Ableton’s interactive ‘learning music’ course here

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7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyThis amazing site will help you learn from basics with ease. This step by step tutorial provided will help you understand what sound waves, harmony, scales, chords, and keys are. They will also clear all your doubts. It is to be noted that there are around eight free courses available right now and there are others also but they are paid.

Access Lightnote here

Music theory

7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyThis website has taught millions of people, whether beginners or pro. It covers basics, rhythm and meter, scales and key signatures, intervals, chords, diatonic chords, chord progressions, and Neapolitan chords. The site also has an excellent ear training section to listen to a sound and conclude out the note, interval, scale, or chord.

Access Music theory here

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Berklee shares

7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyBerklee College of Music provides good music education. Here you can see tons of resources that will help you in your at-home musical education. You cant get access to everything unless you are a student there however the site provides you with free courses which are samples of real Berklee courses, so you can still gain a quality education.

Access Berklee shares here

Music tech teacher

7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyMusic Tech Teacher provides its users with online quizzes and tests which they can take, these test can help you to discover where your knowledge is lacking and then nail down those intricate concepts. The topics are explained very nicely hence they can go through the lessons themselves.

Access Music tech teacher here

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One minute music lesson

7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyThis site provides short videos on each topic and it teaches you everything you need to know. It also provides you with a text summary of the main points of importance. The lessons are quite simple and easy to follow. You can stop and start from their place.

Access One minute music lesson here


7 best sites to learn music online | Candid.TechnologyLast but not least is this amazing site. If you want to learn as much as you can about music theory and also if you don’t mind text-heavy courses then EarMaster is the correct site for you. With only six chapters and over 30 individual lessons, this site is an invaluable resource that will help you with learning about anything from basic clefs to naming triads.

Access EarMaster here

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