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Top 7 torrent websites

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Torrents have been the go-to solution for anyone who needed to download a movie, TV show, software or any other form of digital content. The most crucial use-case of Torrent websites is that they’re peer-to-peer and so can be used to generate and share documents, audio or video freely that could be of potential use for someone else.

While they’ve been continuously at war with authorities, many torrent sites have still found ways to flourish in today’s growing age of the Internet. If you do intend to download a torrent file or visit torrent sites, a VPN is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a torrent site that can act as your go-to alternative to Kickass (Kat) torrents to download movies, PC games, music, e-books and other stuff, here’s a list of the seven best torrent sites that are active and offering the most reliable and safe content.

Disclaimer: Before you go ahead with the list, you should know that several files available on these Torrent websites might be the intellectual property of an individual, company or organisation, and downloading them as such can result in a copyright violation. Candid.Technology condemns piracy in any form. Using Torrents might also be illegal in your country. We do not endorse using them if it is and recommend that you abide by your local laws. Media downloaded from Torrents must only be used for non-commercial purposes such as academic presentations, lectures or as a reference with full credits given to the original source in your preferred format. You can also use the media files with permission from the owner.

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The Pirate Bay

Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyThe Pirate Bay is a classic and an age-old favourite that has constantly been jumping through proxies. Torrents uploaded here are trustworthy and reliable. VIP torrents are also indicated, ensuring torrents marked are legitimate and malware-free. Movies, games, music and other content are available in a variety of languages for the wide fan-base they have worldwide. Subscription to RSS feeds for automatic downloads makes TPB an all-rounder

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Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxy

If you’re after a good-looking torrent search engine that offers a library view for movies and TV shows, 1337x is for you. 1337x offers details such as reviews from critics, release dates and ratings to help you with selecting the right content to watch. The interface is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and feels snappy and responsive.


Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyRARBG offers a well-organised and definite view of torrents. Selecting one shows related videos and tutorials, making it the perfect site for games and TV content. IMDB ratings and trailers are also displayed for movies. Newer torrents are easier to find, and older torrents are a bit scarce.

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Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyZooqle is a relatively new torrent service, but it made a name for itself in limited time. It’s easy to find content to subscribe using RSS feeds, while content is organised categorically and in an intuitive manner. Zooqle is reliable and trustworthy, making it a good option for torrent downloads.


Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyTorLock is for those of us who love anime and e-books. It features a clean and intuitive user face, with a top 100 torrent list to help out the best content available. The average download speed is pretty high, at 4.4MB/s.

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Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyTorrentz2 is the torrent search engine that music enthusiasts and audiophiles will fall in love with instantly. Lossless and uncompressed audio files are available, with a heavy focus on providing a large catalogue of music to suit all tastes. The interface is minimalist, and still has 20+ seeds for content from over a decade ago.


Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxyYTS.AG is a torrent engine that deals exclusively with movies. It has a simple and clean layout, without complications and interruptions. A range of classics is available, with a lot of hard to find movies. A wide variety of resolutions are sported for downloads, with support for BluRay. The only drawback is that it deals only with movies, you’ll have to look elsewhere for TV shows and other content.

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Prathik Jayaprakash

Prathik Jayaprakash