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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites

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Torrents are a popular way of sharing media such as movies, games, web series and other media. They are a fast and easy way to get access to the latest content. There are multiple public torrent sites but are filled with malware such as adware and trojans. They are not safe to use and are even blocked in some geographical locations. While public torrents are not safe, there are alternatives in the form of private torrent sites.

Private torrent sites are invite-only service, which means it is restricted only to the members exclusively and unlike regular torrenting websites, not everyone is allowed to download content. You can join these torrent sites only through an invitation from an existing member of the website.

If you can join a private torrent, maintaining a ratio, called the ratio requirement, between your downloads and uploads is important, as it makes sure your membership on the torrent site remains secure. If you are interested in joining a private torrent website, here is a list of the seven best private torrent websites.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyIPTorrents is a popular private torrent website that hosts around 700,000 torrents of every type of media such as games, movies, songs, and software. It is like the private version of The Pirate Bay, the biggest public torrent website. IPTorrents claims to be free from malware. It is easy to join but has a particular ratio requirement.

You can find IPTorrent here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.Technology

Torrentbits is a popular private torrenting website that lets people share TV shows, movies, music and much more.

You can download Torrentbits here.


Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyPassThePopcorn (PTP) is a private torrent site for movies. It has high-quality content and great speed for downloading. Movies are added faster than anywhere else on the Internet. PTP has a max capacity of 25,000 users and has around 100,000 torrents. It has 53,000 movie titles, 80,000+ subtitles, and a seeder/leecher ratio of 85.49. PTP is easy to use and navigate. The community on PTP is also very active with a monthly activity rate of over 90%.

You can find PassThePopcorn here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyKnown as PassTheHeadphones earlier, Redacted is a new private torrent website that is dedicated to music. It has music of all genres and types ranging from classic hits to international bands. Redacted has a database of over 1,00,000 torrents and more than 27,000 users. The website requires you to maintain a ratio between download and uploads and it’s relatively easier to join.

You can find Redacted here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyAnother cool private torrenting website that lets members seed and download good quality torrents over several genres of media including movies, music, games and more.

You can find GrabThe here.


Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyA torrent site for games is rare and finding a reliable seed for games on a torrent site is even more so.  GazelleGames is one of the best options you can go with if you want to get games. The site has been working since 2010 and has 14,000 users. It has 65,000+ torrents, which makes it the largest private gaming torrent website. Joining this website is an average on the difficulty scale, and ratio requirements are also present.

You can find GazelleGames here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyBroadcastTheNet is one of the biggest private torrent sites on the list with over 200,000 torrents uploaded by 34,000 users. This torrent website is dedicated to TV shows and TV series; you can find every show and series on this website ranging from modern content to classic retro shows. BroadcastTheNet has no ratio requirement but joining this website is hard as compared to other websites on the list.

You can find BroadcastTheNet here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyAs per its name, AnimeBytes is a private torrent site dedicated to anime and manga with 1,41,000+ torrents. It has a huge user base with over 16,000 users. You can find every anime series that you are looking for. AnimeBytes has ratio requirement but joining difficulty is average on the scale.

You can find AnimeBytes here.

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Top 9 Private Torrenting websites | Candid.TechnologyWith a community of 7,000+ users and a library of around 3,00,000 torrents, Bibliotik is a private torrent website for e-books that is simple but gets the job done. The website has a large variety of books. The website has a ratio requirement and joining the website is an average on the difficulty scale.

You can find Bibliotik here.

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