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Top 11 Websites to Download Wallpapers

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Wallpapers are one of the first things one customises on their PC, and since the default wallpapers can quickly become boring, it’s only natural that you’ll end up looking for more online. To make searching wallpapers easier for you — be it for your PC, Tablet or smartphone — here we’ve listed the 11 best websites to download wallpapers for all your devices. These websites have various kinds of wallpapers, including abstract, anime, nature and dozens of other categories. Check out the complete list below and you’ll surely find something that suits your tastes.


Vladstudio offers you some unique wallpapers. Your screen size can be set by you to filter the wallpapers. From the categories feature present at the top, you can find a wallpaper that suits your taste. If you want, you can also directly search for wallpapers. Some of the categories are maps, space, Christmas and much more.

Visit the Vladstudio site here

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Wallpapers Wide

There are tens of thousands of wallpaper options available on Wallpapers Wide. As soon as you reach the site, your desktop size is automatically detected. This helps because when you click on the image, you can download it immediately in the correct resolution. There are over 20 categories of wallpapers. You can search for wallpapers and even find from the latest and top wallpapers.

Visit Wallpapers Wide here

HDwallpapers will provide you great looking HD wallpapers. You will find a wide variety of wallpapers for many different subjects. The resolution of your device is set automatically. You can also select from the 20 categories in the drop-down menu. Wallpapers are updated every day.

Visit HDwallpapers here

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Bing Wallpaper Archive

Bing Wallpaper Archive is one of the simplest sites. It doesn’t even have a search function. You can choose amazing pictures directly shown on the site. There are no size options. You have to use the size provided to you. The gallery on the website is automatically scrolls like a slideshow.

Visit Bing Wallpaper Archive here


Wallhaven has quite a few stunning and unique wallpapers. You can search for wallpaper by just entering a keyword. All sorts of size options like portrait, landscape, multiple monitors, and other resolution sizes can be found on this site. Wallpapers can also be searched based on the colour you like.

Visit Wallhaven here

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Neatly organised wallpapers make browsing a breeze on DesktopNexus. The downloaded wallpapers automatically fit your device’s home screen. Signing up on this app will get you notified about new wallpapers through email. The 15 galleries present on the side will show you some specific wallpapers.

Visit DesktopNexus here


Some amazingly stunning pictures make a great wallpaper. Images are either uploaded by users, or they are sourced from other stock up websites. There are over 10.000 images present on Pexels, which allows you to select according to your style. Images on this site can be searched through emotions, pastimes, locations, and themes.

Visit Pexels here

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Wallpaper Cave

Search for wallpaper of your liking from 20 categories present on Wallpaper Cave. This site shows weekly trending wallpaper lists, featured desktop wallpapers, featured albums, featured phone wallpapers, most liked wallpapers and few other popular lists. When you try to download, you will be shown a bigger preview with a download link. The specific size of the wallpaper cannot be downloaded, so you have to use whatever size is available to you.

Visit Wallpaper Cave here

From landscape to anime you’ll find 60,000 wallpapers present on this site. To suit your style in wallpapers, you can search through the cool gallery of Wallcoo. This website lets you select a wallpaper from numerous categories and lets you browse wallpapers by the resolution. Recently added wallpapers are highlighted to grab your attention. You can also take a look at the most popular wallpapers.

Visit Wallcoo here

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DeviantArt has a unique collection of wallpapers, which are sorted based on new, popular, and other similar categories, making it easier for you to search the site. Some wallpapers are specifically dedicated to iPhone users. The users submit some wallpapers available on this site. Multi-display wallpapers can also be found on this site.

Visit DeviantArt here


The wallpaper you want to download will show you how much that wallpaper has received downloads, the size of the wallpaper, and how many times it has been viewed. There are lots of categories to browse from, and in each category, you can quickly sort through the list, which makes it easier for you to choose a wallpaper of your liking. Most popular and new wallpapers are listed here. You can download wallpaper for desktop and mobile from eWallpapers

Visit eWallpapers here

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