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Calendar app not working in Windows: Quick Fix

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Is the Calendar app not working in Windows? Many users have reported a similar issue in the past.

Fortunately, there are some ways to fix the Calendar app not working in Windows. In this article, we’ll talk about some of these fixes.

Calendar app not working in Windows: Possible reasons

Possible reasons for the Calendar app malfunctioning or failing to open in Windows 10 include:

  • OS bug: If you recently began experiencing the issue, it could be due to a buggy update installed on your PC. Many users have reported this problem on Windows forums and the Feedback Hub.
  • Corrupt app files: If the app files have become corrupted, you may encounter difficulties with the Windows Calendar app not opening.
  • Significant OS problems: Certain issues with the operating system, such as corrupt system files or misconfigured Registry settings, can cause the Windows Calendar app to crash.

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Calendar app not working in Windows: Possible fixes

Now that we have understood the causes of the Calendar app not working issue, let us head to the fixes:

Restart the computer

Sometimes, the easiest solutions are the best ones. What can be easier than restarting the computer?

When you restart your computer, the RAM gets cleared along with any minor bugs. So, the next time the system starts, it starts afresh.

Update Windows

Windows Update is a built-in feature of Windows 11 that automatically downloads and installs the latest updates for your PC, including drivers.

Search Windows Update Settings in the search bar and then click on Update. In the screenshot above, you will see Restart Now option. This is because I have already downloaded the updates, and after restarting my PC, the updates will install automatically.

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Update the Calendar application

Have you not updated the Calendar application in a while? If not, then you should probably do it asap.

Step 1: Press the Windows key + S and type store. Click on Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Type Calendar in the search box at the top.

If you have any updates available, you will see the Update button. Just click on the button to start the update.

If updating the Calendar app didn’t work, move on to the next steps.

Repair Calendar app

Another option is to repair the Calendar app using the built-in troubleshooter. This will scan and fix any issues with the app’s files or components.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + I to open Settings and then navigate to Apps > Installed Apps.

Step 2: Locate the Mail and Calendar app and click the three-dot icon on the right. Click on the Advanced options from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Here click on Repair.

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Reset Calendar app

If repairing the Mail and Calendar app didn’t work, you can try resetting it to its default settings. This will clear any corrupted or faulty data that may cause the app to crash.

The Reset option is available just below the Repair option. Follow the steps mentioned in the Repair Calendar app section to reach the Reset option.

Run Check Disk

Check Disk (CHKDSK) is another built-in tool that scans your disk drives and fixes errors or bad sectors. This can help fix the Calendar app not working in Windows issue.

Check out our detailed article on how to run Check Disk.

Run a malware scan

You can download any standard anti-virus on your computer and perform a quick or detailed scan to detect any malicious programs.

Windows also provide an in-built virus detection software. Type Windows Security in the taskbar search space and click on the software. Here, select Virus and threat protection and then run a full scan.

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Run the DISM command

Try running a DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) command. This will scan and repair any corrupted system files that may affect Calendar and other apps.

Head to our detailed guide on how to run the DISM command in Windows.

Restore your system

If none of the above methods works, you can try restoring your system to a previous point when it worked fine. This can undo any changes that may have caused the Kmode exception not handled error.

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box. Here, type rstrui.exe to open the System Restore window. Click on Next to select a restore point.

Wait for the process to complete.

Reinstall Mail and Calendar

If none of the above solutions works, you can reinstall Calendar completely. This will ensure you have a fresh app copy without any errors or conflicts.

To uninstall Calendar, go to Settings > Installed apps > Mail and Calendar. Here, click on the three dots and then select Advanced options.

After that, click on Uninstall to delete the application from your PC.

Once uninstalling the application, head to the Microsoft Store and download a fresh copy of the app.

We hope that the fixes that we have mentioned above will surely help you in resolving the Calendar app problems quickly and easily.

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