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Can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft?

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Can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft?

Minecraft is full of different gameplay mechanics that spice up the game in several ways. Apart from all the mining and crafting, there’s also a fair bit of farming and animal domestication involved. 

One such mob that you can domesticate in the game is a horse. Once you’ve got one, you can easily ride them around and navigate the world. However, when it comes to crossing water bodies, horses aren’t much help.

In this article, we’re talking about how you can put a horse in a boat and transport it around water bodies.

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Horses and boats

Boats generally have two seats, and putting a horse in one will take up both of those seats. However, there are ways you can sneak in your horse and yourself in the same boat.

You’re going to need to tame a horse before you get started. Taming a horse isn’t that difficult either; you just need to find one and right-click the horse to try and mount it until the horse stops throwing you back. You can find horses roaming around in the plains and savanna biomes in herds of two to six. 

Can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft?

Once you have the horse, ride it to a water body where your boat is parked and jump the horse to get into the boat. Now once you dismount, if you right-click the boat to pilot it, you’ll end up mounting the horse instead. 

From this point onwards you can choose either of these two options.

Using a lead

One thing that you can do is attach a lead to the horse. Now dive into the water, grab the lead, and you’ll be able to swim around in the water while towing the horse behind you.

This method isn’t super fast and will require some patience if you’re looking to cross a rather large water body, but this works well for smaller ponds and river crossings.

Trying to mount a boat with a horse

Alternatively, once you’ve put a horse in a boat, jump in the water, dive underwater and right-click the boat from underneath. This should get you in the boat’s pilot seat. 

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