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Can you see who views your YouTube videos?

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Youtube offers a chance to show your creativity to the world while earning bucks. This is why you should regularly check the Youtube analytics tool for your progress.

This comprehensive article discusses how you can see who is watching your Youtube videos, alongwith tons of other tools to manage and tweak your content.

You cannot see who exactly viewed your video on Youtube. However, you have a whole range of analytics tools to see how your channel is performing from a period ranging from as short as a week to a lifetime.

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How to see who views your Youtube videos on a computer?

If you are using a computer, check Youtube analytics, and follow the steps below:

Can you see who views your YouTube videos?
  • Click on the account option at the top right of the screen and then select the Youtube Studio option from the drop-down menu.
Can you see who views your YouTube videos?
  • Next, click on the Analytics option from the left menu and then click on the Audience tab from the top bar.

You will see a comprehensive analysis of your channel’s audience. You can check returning viewers as well as unique viewers on the channel along with several other metrics.

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How to see who views your channel on Youtube and Youtube Studios app?

To check your channel’s analytics, you will have first to install the Youtube Studios app from Playstore. After that, follow the instructions given below:

Can you see who views your YouTube videos?
  • Now tap on the profile picture at the top right of the screen and then go to Your channel.
  • Now tap on the Analytics option from the middle menu.

If you are using Youtube Studios app, follow these instructions:

  • Open the app and then tap on Analytics from the bottom menu.
  • Then tap on Audience from the top menu.

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Some important metrics that you should know about your audience

Here are some of the important metrics that you need to know.

When your viewers are on Youtube

Use this report to upload your content and also for going live or scheduling a premiere.

Content your audience watches

This will help you to understand your Youtube audience. You will know what other Videos, Shorts, and Live streams your audience visits so that you can update your strategies.

Channel your audience watches

This report shows you what other channels your audience visits. This will help in collaborations so that you can increase your reach.

Top geographies

Use this tool to analyse the geographical locations of your audience.

Returning viewers

This is your loyal audience base. These users already watched your channel and then returned in the selected period.

New viewers

Users who watched your content for the first time. Note that those who have watched in incognito mode, have deleted their browsing history or haven’t watched your channel in a year are not included in this metric.

Unique viewers

This report shows the estimated number of viewers on your channel in a specified period.

Total members

Total members that have access to perks, including those who have cancelled their memberships.

Active members

These are the members with an active paid subscription. This figure excludes those members who have cancelled their memberships.

Apart from these metrics, you can also see the age and gender of your audience as well as how many members you have gained or lost within a specified period.

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