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How to cancel your Hotstar subscription?

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Hotstar is one of the most prominent online streaming services in India and offers VIP and Premium subscriptions with the option to download all of the 50,000+ hours of video content available on the platform. However, it places certain restrictions on the feature, such as the number of downloads saved at a time, which also expire after a certain period. A downloaded video will expire within seven days of the download or 48 hours after you’ve started watching.

Hotstar has an extensive content catalogue, which includes tv shows, movies, and live sports and news streams. However, the streaming service isn’t devoid of issues, some of which are very prominent.

We researched a bit and found out that scores of websites and videos on YouTube are offering free Hotstar Premium cookies as well as free Hotstar Premium account and passwords. These credentials are more than often stolen from the user. If you’re facing trouble while trying to play a video, you should strongly consider changing your password as it might be posted on some forum and being used by many others, apart from you.

The most common error shown by Hotstar reads, “Sorry, more than one premium video is being requested from this account. Please close other videos and try again.”

If you wish to get rid of your Hotstar subscription, here is a simple guide to help you do so via your PC or Hotstar app.

Cancelling your Hotstar subscription won’t get you a refund for the amount. Your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

How to cancel your Hotstar subscription via PC?

Step 1: Click on your profile picture, located at the top-right of the display. From the drop-down menu, click on My Account.How to cancel your Hotstar subscription? (Premium or VIP) Step 2: On the next page, click on Cancel Membership.How to cancel your Hotstar subscription? (Premium or VIP)

Step 3: Then click on Confirm Cancellation.

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How to cancel your Hotstar subscription via the Android app?

How to cancel your Hotstar subscription? (Premium or VIP)

  • Tap on the triple-horizontal bar (hamburger) menu button located at the top left of the display.
  • Then tap on My Account.
  • On the next page, tap on Cancel Membership.
  • Then tap on Yes, Confirm Cancellation.

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