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How to fix error 30 Canon?

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Canon’s line of DSLRs is known for being reliable and extremely easy to use. However, they’re not immune to the regular wear and tear and mechanical damage a DSLR might go through. 

In this article, we’re going over Error 30 in Canon cameras, its cause and what you can do to fix the situation and get your DSLR back up and running again.

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What causes Error 30 on Canon cameras?

As mentioned above, no camera is immune to daily wear and tear and other mechanical damage that might occur when you’re out and about. Canon knows this and has implemented a series of error codes in their cameras to help users identify the cause of an error.

In this case, the Error 30 or Err 30 as it shows on the camera LCD is pointed to a mechanical failure in the camera’s shutter. The shutter is a rather delicate and precise part of a camera that has to work perfectly every time the shutter button is clicked to get that shot. The error is quite rare and generally will only happen once over the lifetime of your camera. 

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How to fix Error 30 on Canon cameras?

Since the Error 30 is a malfunction with your camera’s shutter, chances are you’re going to have to send it in for repairs unless the problem is being caused by something minor such as debris in your shutter. 

You can try taking the lens out and visually inspecting the camera shutter for any blockages or damage that might be there. If you see any debris, clean the shutter space out, get a lens back on the camera and try again. 

Most error codes in Canon cameras give the same troubleshooting options.

According to the Canon Knowledge Base, Error 30 (listed as Err 30) indicates a mechanical malfunction with the shutter. Canon suggests the following solutions. 

  • Restart the camera.
  • Reinsert the battery.
  • Use a Canon lens.
  • Contact your nearest Canon Service Center. 

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