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How to check, show and increase FPS in CSGO?

FPS or frames per second is perhaps the most critical factor in a first-person shooter or in any competitive game for that matter. If you’re running lower framerates, you’re at risk of being beaten.

You can have all the skill in the world, but if you’re stuck with a low FPS, there’s only so much you can do. That’s because when you have a low FPS, you’re seeing less of the game in the same amount of time as your opponent.

Keeping an eye on your FPS and making sure you get the best you can from your machine can make the difference between winning and losing a match. In this article, we talk about how you can check your FPS and if it’s low, what can you do to increase the FPS in CSGO.

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Checking FPS in CSGO

There are several ways you can check your FPS in Counter-Strike, but we’re just going to go over what is perhaps the most popular way that shows a lot more information.

Step 1: Start CSGO and go to the Game tab in Settings. You’ll see an Enable Developer console option. Make sure it says Yes.

Step 2: Press the ` key to open the developer console. It’s the key right under Esc key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Type in net_graph 1 and press Enter key on your keyboard. You’ll see that your FPS, ping and some other relevant information will show up in the bottom right corner of the screen in-game.

Don’t worry if it gets in your way, and you’ll soon get used to it and won’t bother you much. Should you want to hide it, use the command net_graph 0. If you can’t bear the sight of it at all, there’s an alternative suggestion later in the article.

There’s no way you can publicly display your framerate to people in your lobby or even your friends. For that, you’ll just have to use the good old chat or send them a screenshot.

 For the best gameplay experience, you must have at least 60 FPS+ at all times. However, if yours is dropping lower, read on to find out how to fix your FPS in CSGO.

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4 ways to optimise framerate in CSGO

Games can run at lower framerates for a lot of reasons. Here are a bunch of things you can do to fix your framerate.

Graphics settings: Start by reducing your graphics settings. In competitive games like CS, your priority should always be the framerate, even if it means sacrificing the graphics quality. If you don’t have a good enough machine, find a balance between FPS and graphics.

Windowed mode: You can also try running the game in windowed mode or lowering your resolution as a last resort.

Launch settings: You can also include some launch options to your game to help it run better. Go to your Steam library, right-click on CSGO > Properties > Set launch options. You can add the following launch options.

  • +fps_max 0: This command removes any FPS cap that your game may but using. It’s recommended that you run your game without an FPS cap if you’re not rocking a strong PC.
  • -high: This will launch CSGO as a high priority task, which means Windows will allot more resources to the game.
  • -nojoy: This disables joystick input to save on some RAM.
  • -d3d9ex: This allows you to skip a bug which causes a sharp decrease in FPS if you’re running the game for longer durations.
  • +cl_showfps1: You can use this command as an alternative to the above section if you want to see only your FPS.

Graphics card drivers: It’s also a good idea to check your graphics cards drivers. Manufacturers often release updates that fix issues and improve general performance. Make sure to check whether your graphics card driver is up to date.

Make sure you’ve got the latest drivers installed

Aforementioned, FPS issues can be caused by a lot of issues, but these fixes should rule out any problems you’re having with CSGO in particular.

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