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How to clear cache on FireStick?

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Clearing your device’s cache, be it your phone or laptop or any app, cache clearance is of the utmost importance if you want your device to run fluidly. Fire TV Stick apps, like any other app, collect cache which contains corrupted files and occupy extra space. Regular cache cleaning of your Fire TV Stick apps should be a habit as it keeps your system running.

In this article, we will define easy-to-follow steps to clear the cache of your apps on the Fire TV Stick.

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Clearing cache on Fire TV

It is effortless to clear the cache and data of apps on your Fire TV Stick and by following the few visual steps given as follows you can clear the cache of any app:

Step 1: At the home page, click on the gear icon for settings on the far right side of your screen. Click on the Applications option.

Step 2: From the options provided, you can click on Manage Installed Applications. A list of currently installed apps will be shown.

Step 3: From the list, you can choose any application whose cache you would like to clear.

Step 4: Just click on the app and you’ll be shown two options — clear cache and clear data, you can click on either to clear the cache of that particular app. However, clearing the data will remove any recent activity history from the app.

According to Amazon, if any app is left unused for 30 days or more and the account holder’s storage is running low, then their storage optimisation feature will take over. However, the feature will keep working in the background and cannot be deactivated.

Importance of clearing cache

While clearing the cache helps your device to run smoothly. You can download all kinds of apps on your Fire TV Stick by heading to the Amazon app store. Every app generates a cache with usage that needs to be cleaned regularly to help you run your TV glitch free and at a rapid speed. The cache also directly contributes to the storage of the app and it is temporary in nature as it is removable.

If you can stream your shows and movies at the highest 4K HD quality but any lag or glitch in the app might cause the content of the app to function in breaks and at a slow speed. Hence, clearing the app cache during such situations can be beneficial. You can help counter app crashes by clearing the cache and the data or resetting your Fire TV Stick to factory settings.

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