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How to update apps on FireStick?

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Updating apps from time to time helps download the latest features as well as get rid of any unnecessary cache, bugs, or glitches present in the older version of the app. Usually on a FireStick, you can update the apps on your TV itself, and keeping the app updated to its current version allows the app to function seamlessly for your entertainment.

In this article, we will be discussing how to update apps on your Fire TV Stick with an easy and precise set of instructions.

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Automatically updating your FireStick apps

You can head to the app’s page or visit the Amazon appstore and click on an update option if there is one. Additionally, make sure your Fire TV is updated as well. You can also follow the steps given below to effortlessly enable automatic updates for your FireStick apps:

Step 1: Press the home button and head to and then click on the Settings or the gear icon.

Step 2: Look for Applications and press that option.

Step 3: Click on the Appstore option.

Step 4: Now, click on Automatic Updates to enable them.

This way, your Fire TV Stick apps will always be automatically updated as soon as any new update rolls out.

Individually updating your FireStick apps

You can also update your apps one at a time by following the comprehensive steps given below:

Step 1: Select the Apps option on your homescreen and then select My Apps from the dropdown options.

Step 2: Hover over the app you want to update and press the menu button on your remote marked with three horizontal white lines.

Step 3: The right side of your screen will fill up with options; select More Info. This will open up that app’s page on the Amazon app store.

Step 4: If you see a Play button or Open text, the app has already been updated. If there is an option for Update then click on the same.

This way you can ensure that all of your apps have been updated to their latest software update which would have removed any remaining bugs or glitches in the app.

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