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How to close Google Forms manually and automatically?

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Google has always been one step ahead of others with its easy to use features and loads of productivity apps on offer. One such tool is Google forms that enable users to make quick questionnaires for surveys, feedback and also assist in making invitations. These forms can also integrate the data with Google Sheets to make it more presentable and easier to analyse.

Well, we all know everything comes with an expiry date, so do surveys, feedbacks and invitations, if you are encountering any issues while taking down your form, here is how you can close your Google Forms manually or schedule them to close automatically.

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How to close Google Forms manually?

If you forgot to set automatic closure of form (guide below), while designing it, you can still manually close a Google Form.

  • Open the form you wish to close form Google Drive.
  • Select the Responses tab.
  • Click the toggle button beside Accepting Responses (refer to the screenshot above).
  • You can also set a response when someone tries to fill the Form after it has been closed.

It is to be noted that the closed Form can be reopened anytime by again tapping on the same toggle button beside Accepting Responses option.

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How to close Google Forms automatically?

Note that this requires you to install a third-party add-on. If you’re comfortable doing that, follow the steps below to close your Google Forms automatically by setting a schedule or data-entry limits.

Step 1: After designing your form, click on the three vertical dots menu icon at the top right corner of the screen.Step 2: Select Add-ons from the drop-down menu.Step 3: A new window will pop-up, search and select the formLimiter add-on.Step 4: Then click on the Install button.Step 5: A dialogue box will appear asking for confirmation, click on Continue.Step 6: To give access to the formLimiter of your Google Account click the Allow button.Step 7: Hit the Done button to finish the installation process.Step 8:  Now that we have installed the formLimiter, an icon for the same will start to appear on the toolbar at the top. Tap on it and follow the instructions below. Step 9: A pop -up will appear, click on the Set limit option.Step 10: The formLimiter menu will appear at the right of the page. Click on the Select button. Step 11: From the drop-down menu you can either select the date and time option to choose when you want to close the form or number of form responses so that it automatically closes after the set number of people have filled the form.

Step 12: If you selected the date and time option, set the due date and time (as shown in the screenshot below) and then click on Save and enable button and you are good to go. That’s it, your Google Form will now automatically close depending on the parameters you’ve set.

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