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What is

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The Android operating system operates with numerous application files that function in the background. Occasionally, the names of these app packages may appear in your device’s activity or within another app, leaving you puzzled about which specific app it refers to. One example of such a package is

This article discusses what is, its functions, whether it’s safe or not.

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What is

The name is linked to an app found on Samsung phones, and its role is to manage the visual aspects of the Phone app. Specifically, it takes charge of the screen you see when a call is incoming, right before you decide to answer or decline the call. It’s worth noting that this particular app is exclusive to Samsung phones; you won’t come across it on other Android devices because it reflects Samsung’s unique approach to designing the phone interface.

Functions of this interface

This built-in app on your Samsung Android device manages various aspects related to phone calls. TelephonyUI is in charge of several functions on your Samsung devices, including:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Declining incoming calls
  • Showing caller ID
  • Silencing calls
  • Sending messages directly from the call interface
  • Putting a call on hold
  • Giving access to the Notes app while on a phone call

Is safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. This particular app is exclusive to Samsung phones and is specifically created by Samsung for their Android devices.

Difference between Com Samsung Android InCallUI and TelephonyUI

Distinguishing between the Android InCallUI and TelephonyUI apps can be tricky since both are system apps dealing with calls and user interfaces, and their package names are quite similar.

However, the name of the In Call UI app provides a clear hint about its function. This app is in charge of the in-call user interface that you see on your screen when engaged in a phone call. The call screen allows you to perform various actions like switching to speakerphone, muting the call, ending it, accessing the dialer app, and more.

On the other hand, TelephonyUI takes care of everything that happens after your phone starts ringing but before you actually answer or reject the call in the Android operating system.

Can you remove TelephonyUI app from Android phones?

The app comes already installed on your Samsung phone. Unlike certain system apps, you can’t access the app settings directly.

Since these hidden apps, including TelephonyUI, don’t have an option to be disabled, you can’t turn them off even if you try to navigate through the Settings app.

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