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What is CqaTest on Android? Everything you need to know

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Most Android devices have some bloatware or app preinstalled with the device. These are to add functionality or advertise a manufacturer’s other services.

In this article, we’re talking about the CQATest App, what it is, where did it come from, and should you keep it on your phone.

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What’s CQATest App?

The term stands for “Certified Quality Auditor” test app. As you can guess, it’s a quality assurance app that’s preinstalled on your phone to monitor the performance of different apps and widgets and the general performance of your phone. The app also notifies you if there’s a malware infection on your device. 

In most cases, it’s preinstalled on your phone by the manufacturer. However, third-party CQATest apps exist, and you might have unknowingly downloaded one if you don’t remember seeing this app on your phone before. 

The app’s primary function is to ensure the smooth running of your device; however, it’s been known to cause several problems as well. At times, the app might:

  • Heat up your device quickly.
  • Consume too much battery.
  • Consume too many system resources.
  • Prevent other apps from working properly.
  • Cause your device to hang or freeze randomly.

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Is CQATest safe?

While the app itself should be harmless in most cases, it sends back device diagnostic data back to the manufacturer to make tweaks and keep your device in optimum condition. This doesn’t include your files and data, but device location and IMEI might be included in the information sent.

You can always uninstall or disable the app from your phone if you decide you don’t want to send any data back and handle your device yourself instead. Force stopping, disabling or doing a factory reset can wipe the app from your device. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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