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How to create a Conversation Thread in Discord?

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Discord is a fun way to hang out with friends and do just about anything. While the program was initially meant for gamers, recently, it has branched out to cover just about anyone who’s looking for a place to chill (virtually) with their friends.

The development team behind Discord has been adding features left and right to the platform to support this initiative. One of the latest additions includes the ability to add threads in server conversations.

In this article, we’re going over what are Discord threads and how to create them.

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What are Discord threads?

Threads in Discord work identical to threads in Slack, You’ll get the hang of the feature rather quickly if you’re familiar with Reddit comment threads and in-line messages in iMessage. Unfortunately, at the moment, this feature is only available for server chats.

Simply put, a thread is a branched conversation that doesn’t show up in the main chat. This allows people to have an in-depth conversation about a topic without cluttering the main chat server with messages.

How to create a Discord thread on PC?

If you’re using Discord on your computer, here’s how to create a thread.

Step 1: Click the Create Thread button on a message in the server chat.

Step 2: Type in the thread name and select a time after which the thread gets archived. Once done, click the Create Thread button.

Step 3; Start having a conversation.

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How to create a Discord thread on the Discord app?

If you’re using Discord on your phone, the steps to create a thread are pretty much the same.

  • Open Discord and find the message you want to create a thread from.
  • Tap and hold the message. Tap Create Thread.
  • Type the thread name and select an archive period. After this type in a message and press the send button.
  • You’re good to go!

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