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How to create a YouTube channel?

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YouTube has grown to be the go-to streaming website for the masses with billions of hours of video footage being watched by north of a billion users every day. The streaming platform is localised in over 100 countries and can be used in over 80 languages worldwide.

Now, if you’re already a YouTube viewer and have an idea that can help you make a channel, which could potentially rake up millions of views, but aren’t able to figure out how to start a channel of your own, check out our simple guide to help you create a YouTube channel.

Before we move ahead, you should know that there are two types of channel accounts on YouTube — Personal and Business. While personal channels can be managed by only the creator of the channel, business channels can have multiple managers as well as owners. The latter is usually used by brands but can be created by an individual who can manage it via their Google account.

Creating a personal channel is quite easy. Simply sign in to YouTube via a PC or smartphone and try any action such as uploading a video, creating a playlist or posting a comment and you’ll be prompted to create a personal channel if you don’t have one already.

Below we’re going to go through the steps required to create a brand channel.

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How to create a YouTube channel for a brand or business?

Log in to your YouTube account via PC or smartphone and click on this link to go to your channel list. Now follow the steps below:

How to create a YouTube channel and get custom URL?

  • On the page that opens after clicking the link above, click on Create a new channel.
  • On the next page, type in the desired Brand Account name.
  • Now click on Create.

How to create a YouTube channel and get custom URL?

That’s it. Your YouTube channel will be created. Now you’ll need to upload the channel icon (display picture), channel art (header image that appears behind the icon), add a description to the channel, fill in your contact details for business enquiries if needed and link your social media as well as website and any other official resources to the header of your channel’s homepage.

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How to set up a custom URL for the YouTube channel?

However, you won’t be able to get a custom URL until the following requirements are met.

  • The channel should have more than 100 subscribers.
  • The channel should be at least 30 days old.
  • Have a photo as the channel icon
  • Have a channel art.

Custom URL can’t be edited once it’s created. However, users can remove a custom URL and request a new one if the channel is deemed eligible by YouTube.

If you’re eligible for a custom URL, you’ll be notified in Advanced account settingsas well as via email and a notification in the Creator Studio dashboard.

To set a custom URL, click on your profile picture > Settings > Advanced Settings > You’re eligible for a custom URL (under channel settings). You’ll see approved custom URLs in the Get a custom URL box. The grey box can’t be edited but you can add more characters to the rest of the URL to make it unique.

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