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Every Crosh command you need to know

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Chromebooks are great lightweight computers for anyone who wants a cheap machine to do everyday tasks. However, it can be more than that.

In this article, we’re going over every Crosh command you need to know.

What is Crosh?

Simply put, Crosh is the terminal for your Chromebook. Since ChromeOS is based on Linux, Crosh is a lot of like the Bash terminal we’ve all come to know.

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Crosh Commands for ChromeOS

Here are some must-know Crosh commands.


These basic Crosh commands can often come in handy. 

helpShows general commands you can run in the terminal.
help_advancedLists debugging and advanced commands.
help (command name)Shows what a particular command does.
uptimeShows how long the system has been running and logged in users.
set_timeSets the system time manually.
connectivityShows connection status and related information.
inputcontrolControls touchpad and mouse controls.
Ctrl + CStops the currently running process in the terminal.
exitCloses the terminal.

System commands in Crosh

Here are some system commands in Crosh to help you monitor things.

vmc start terminaStarts a Linux container on ChromeOS.
vmc stop terminaCloses the currently running Linux container.
vmc start -enable-gpuForces the GPU when running Linux on ChromeOS.
set_wake_on_lan trueEnables wake on LAN functionality for your Chromebook. Can be disabled by replacing true with false.
ipaddrs -6Shows the IPv6 address for your Chromebook.
ipaddrs -4Shows the IPv4 address for your Chromebook.
topStarts a task manager in the terminal.
battery_test (seconds)Checks the battery and reports how much of it was used in the given timeframe.
memory_testRuns a memory test on the available system memory.
rollbackReverts to the previous version of ChromeOS.
bt_consoleShows debug information for your Bluetooth connections.

Networking commands

Here are some Networking related commands for Crosh.

ping (URL)Pings the given URL.
network_diagRuns network diagnostic tests.
tracepath (URL)Traces the given URL.
p2p_updateEnables/Disables the peer-to-peer update sharing.
Modem helpConfigures a connected modem.
set_apnSets an APN for cellular usage.
set_cellular_pppSets a PPP username and password for cellular connections.
sshStarts an SSH connection.
network_diag -wifiDebugs any ongoing WiFi issues.
dnsLooks up a specific DNS server.
p2p_update -show-peersShows the current number of connected peers.

Developer commands

Here are some development commands for Crosh that’ll be helpful to know.

shellShows more developer commands
rlzEnables/Disables RLZ on your Chromebook.
routeShows routing tables.
syslog (Message)Adds the mentioned message to the system log.
update_over_cellularEnables/Disables updates over cellular data.
upload_crashesUploads crash reports to Chrome crash servers.
tpm_statusShows Trusted Platform Module (TPM) information.
sudo edit-grub-configAllows users to edit the Grub config file. Only available in developer mode.
evtestPerforms a touch diagnostic test for connected input devices like styluses.

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