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CSGO rank distribution explained: How many Silvers and Golds are there in the world?

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CSGO is by far one of the most popular FPS games to have ever existed. The game has also been one of the more famous esports titles having attracted big sponsors, flashy events and ungodly amounts of prize money.

CSGO’s competitive gameplay and ranking structure play a big role in the game’s popularity and why it’s so mainstream in the competitive esports world. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the rank distribution in CSGO, what percentage of players lay in which rank, and how you can move up if you think you’re stuck on a rank.

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The Silvers

There are six ranks that fall under the silver category starting from Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master, otherwise known as SEM. These six ranks account for about 33% of all CSGO players.

Playing in any of these ranks can be seriously rage-inducing and even hazardous for your health. Here’s a rundown of all the six ranks/

Silver 1

These players are at the absolute bottom of the CSGO skill tree. There are about 4.51% of players struggling in this rank. There’s not much to talk about these players, except they’re absolute beginners to FPS games and are getting to grips with the basics.

Silver 2

Not much better than Silver 1 in terms of technical skill. The rank amounts for 4.33% of all CSGO players.

Silver 3

Pretty much the only difference here is the number following Silver. Players are a little bit better than Silver 1 though, but they still have a long way to go. The rank amounts for 4.39% of all players.

Silver 4

The skill ceiling rises just a tad bit here, however, you’re still most likely run to run into P90 noobs who think CSGO is all about rushing B and fire their weapons with their eyes closed.

There are 5.37% of players in this rank.

Silver Elite

Players are finally starting to come to grips with the basics. You may be able to drop in a competitive match and not burst into a fireball within the next two rounds. The rank amounts for 6.70% of all players.

Silver Elite Master

If you’re playing CSGO for the first time and have experience with playing FPS games before, this will likely be your first rank. Players here have an understanding of how the game mechanics work and even though they may not be the most technically skilled, they’re trying at a consistent pace. 

The rank holds 7.70% of all CSGO players.

How to get out of Silver?

If you’re unfortunate enough to get a Silver rank assigned or worse, deranked to Silver your best bet at getting out is to consistently churn out good individual performances each round. 

Take the game seriously, as the other nine players on the server probably won’t. It’ll be hard and rage-inducing to say the least, but if there’s one rule to ranking up is CSGO, it’s to grind. 

Learn the maps, know peeking spots, master your movement, learn a few nades, learn to trade your teammates and please don’t rush B every round.

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The Gold Novas

There are four Gold Nova ranks accounting for 34.23% of all CSGO players. These are also the densest ranks in the game, meaning both ranking up, and getting deranked are just as easy. 

Gold Nova 1

Players here have got the basics of CSGO right and are ready to build their skill set further. They aren’t exactly aim gods, but they certainly won’t miss a 30 bullet spray while standing still.

The rank has 8.52% of all players. This is also a very popular contender for a first rank provided you perform somewhat decent in your first 10 competitive matches.

Gold Nova 2

Players here have consistently performed well in the previous rank and are on a steady rise in their CSGO journey. Players here will know their maps, their weapon preferences and their nades. The rank has  8.81% of all players making it the most popular CSGO rank. 

Gold Nova 3

In addition to everything Gold Nova 2 is, this rank has finally realised that there’s an in-game economy and you need to buy or manage weapons accordingly. The skill level with guns, aim and movement is also certainly better.

The rank has 8.73% of all players.

Gold Nova Master

Amounting for 8.17% of all CSGO players, Gold Nova Master or GNM is the peak rank under the Gold Nova umbrella and can actually be quite hard to rank up from. 

Players here have a good grasp on the game and perform reasonably well. 

How to rank up from Gold Nova?

If you’re in any of these ranks you fall under the average CSGO player’s skill level. While players here do know the basics, it’s the little details that’ll make the difference. 

Go the extra mile by learning recoil patterns, know when to spray, burst or tap. Learn how to make the most out of your utility,  how to do hold down sites and most importantly, how to not tilt when playing under pressure. 

The Master Guardians

You’ll find four ranks here as well amounting for 23.01% of all CSGO players. The ranking percentages also dwindle as each rank requires more grind to move up and there isn’t a lot left to learn.

Master Guardian 1

A very respected rank. MG1s often get matched with high ranked Gold Novas and are feared in the lower ranks. MS1 has 7.39% of all players.

Master Guardian 2

The rank has 6.30% of all CSGO players. The skillset isn’t all that different from MG1, just a bit more refined. 

Master Guardian Elite

Cool tricks like bunny hopping aren’t optional anymore for these players. They know their way around the game and can fight back with quite the sting. The matches start getting extremely tactical here. The rank has 5.25% of all CSGO players.

Distinguished Master Guardian

The final rank under the Master Guardian title, DMGs account for 4.07% of all players. 

Ranking out of Master Guardians

There isn’t a lot left to learn for you now. Once again, it’s the little things that’ll eventually make the difference. How you approach the match mentally and tactically, how you manage your team’s economy and a lot of other things come into play. 

CS starts becoming more of a mind game here. Nearly all players have a similar skill level. Handling your mental approach towards the game will make the difference here. 

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Legendary Eagles

Just two ranks from the top, LEs make for some really good CSGO players that have the potential to go on to the professional CSGO scene. The ranks hold around 6.35% of all CSGO players combined.

Legendary Eagle 

The scope of improvement gets narrower here. You really have to grind and focus on every detail. On step here, one wrong reload there will make all the difference. The rank has 3.16% of all players.

Legendary Eagle Master

There isn’t really a lot of difference in terms of skill between the two ranks here, considering there are only 0.3% more LEMs than there are LEs. 3.19% of all CSGO players have the LEM rank.

How to rank up from Legendary Eagle?

The game is all about the grind and finding your groove now. You’re at a point where you need constant practice to just maintain your skill level let alone enhance it further. Keep the grind going, that’s the only way up from here. 

Supreme Master First Class

Holding around 2.61% of all CSGO players and sitting right under the Global Elite rank, you’re just as good as a GE if you’re here. Honestly, the only thing you need to do to rank up consistently wins games. 

The Global Elite

And finally, the highest possible rank in competitive CSGO, holding 0.78% of all  CSGO players. You’ve made it to the top, enjoy your time out there. 

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