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How to delete your Grammarly account?

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While Grammarly remains one of the leading online writing assistants and works great for people who’re either in school, college or are starting their career in writing, it’s not as great for advanced users and more often than not might end up bugging you with unnecessary corrections that aren’t required in the context of your entire piece.

If you’ve been using Grammarly but its features aren’t working for you anymore, you can always give a chance to its Premium subscription, which brings a lot more to the table. But if even that doesn’t work for you either, deleting your Grammarly account to cut down on unnecessary digital junk from your life is the best bet.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, check out this article to cancel your Premium subscription first, and then come back here to complete deleting your Grammarly account in a few easy steps.

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Deleting your Grammarly account

Login to your account on on a browser on your PC or mobile and then follow the steps mentioned below to delete your Grammarly account.

Step 1: Click on the Account option from the sidebar to the left.

How to delete your Grammarly account? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: On the next page, (with Account Settings selected) scroll to the bottom and click on Delete Account.

How to delete your Grammarly account? | Candid.Technology

Step 3: Then on the pop-up confirmation box, enter your Grammarly account’s password and then click on Confirm Deletion. You’ll be asked to enter your Facebook, Gmail or Apple ID password if you used them to create the account.

How to delete your Grammarly account? | Candid.Technology

Once the process is confirmed, you’ll see the message as shown below on your browser and your Grammarly account will be deleted. Once you’ve deleted your Grammarly account, all of your personal information, including the documents you saved in its editor is removed.

How to delete your Grammarly account? | Candid.Technology

Note that in some cases Grammarly might send a six=digit verification code to the registered email address to proceed with deleting your the account.

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