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Discord keeps stopping on mobile: Quick Fix

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs available at the moment. Being a web app, it’s also quite accessible, and on just about any device, all you need is a web browser.

However, that’s not to say that Discord doesn’t have its problems. In this article, we’re looking at Discord crashes on mobile and giving you 12 ways of fixing the problem. 

Restart your phone

One of the first things you should do when it comes to app crashes on your phone is restart the device. Restarting can fix many seemingly random issues that might otherwise be hard to diagnose. 

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Check Discord status

Although rare, services still crash occasionally, and Discord is no exception. If there’s a problem at Discord’s end, the app can crash on your phone out of nowhere. Check Discord’s official social media or websites like DownDetector to see if Discord is still up and running. 

Check your phone’s storage

Next up, check if your phone has enough storage to keep the app running smoothly. If you’re down on space in your phone, performance can become quite choppy, and many apps, including Discord, might crash. In such cases, it’s best to free up some space in your phone and give it another try. 

Disable VPN

If you’re using Discord over a VPN connection, the chances are that’s what’s causing the crashes. While usually, Discord should work just fine over VPNs, there’s a chance that it might cause delays in server communication, causing the app to time out. 

Clear Discord’s cache 

Corrupt files in the cache might hinder an app’s functionality, including causing crashes. Here’s how to clear Discord’s cache. 

How to disable Discord notifications? | Candid.Technology
  • Open your phone’s settings and head over to Apps & notifications. 
  • Tap on Show all apps.
  • Find Discord in the list and tap it to proceed.
How to fix 'Discord notifications not working' error?
  • Tap on Storage & cache.
  • Tap the Clear cache button to clear the app’s cache.

Now restart your phone and try again. 

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Update the app

If clearing the cache didn’t help, there’s a possibility that the app is crashing because of a bug in the app itself. In such cases, the developers would almost always have already fixed the error and issued a patch. Try checking your respective app store to see if you have any updates for Discord and if you do, install them immediately before trying again. 

Disable Battery optimisation for Discord 

Another thing you can do is disable battery optimisation for the Discord app.

How to fix 'Discord notifications not working' error?
  • Head over to your phone settings and tap on Apps & notifications.
  • Tap on Advanced.
  • Tap Special app access.
How to fix 'Discord notifications not working' error?
  • Tap on Battery optimisation.
  • Find Discord in the list and tap it to proceed.
  • Tap on Don’t Optimise.

Restart your phone and try again.

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Disable GIF autoplay

One of the biggest memory hogs on the Discord mobile app is the hundreds of GIFs that are sent to a server every day. Since Discord auto-plays these by default, it can be quite taxing on your phone. Here’s how to disable this. 

  • Open Discord and tap your profile picture in the bottom right.
  • Scroll down and tap Accessibility. 
  • Disable the Automatically play GIFs when possible slider. 

Restart your phone, and Discord should run fine on your device now. 

Toggle Android System Webview

The Android System Webview is used to render web content inside of native apps. If this component is causing issues, it can, in turn, cause apps to crash. Try disabling Android System Webview and then turning it back on to see if that fixes the crashes. 

Discord keeps stopping on mobile: 12 Fixes
  • Head over to your phone settings and tap Apps.
  • Tap Show all Apps.
Discord keeps stopping on mobile: 12 Fixes
  • Find Android System Webview in the list and tap to proceed.
  • Tap the Disable button.

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Disable hardware scaling

Using experimental features is known to strain your device’s hardware. Try disabling hardware scaling to see if the crashes stop happening. 

  • Open Discord and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right.
  • Tap Voice & Video.
  • Scroll down and disable the Enable Hardware Scaling slider under VIdeo. 

Restart your phone and try again. 

Disable hardware acceleration

Like hardware scaling, disabling hardware acceleration can also help provide a smoother, more stable experience. 

  • Open Discord and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right.
  • Tap Voice & Video.
  • Scroll down and select the Let my Operating System decide option under hardware acceleration. 

Discord should be more stable now. 

Reinstall the app

If nothing else works, your best bet is to completely delete the app and reinstall it to see if that fixes your problem. Reinstalling the app can eliminate any corrupt files or settings that might hamper Discord’s functionality.

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