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Do Amazon gift cards expire?

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Amazon is known for its reliability and on-time deliveries; it keeps improving and expanding to reach every corner of different countries and bring customer satisfaction.

Amazon gift cards are an easy way to purchase products on amazon, and as the name suggests, gift cards can be used to gift them to people on various occasions.

In this article, we have discussed whether Amazon gift cards expire and various factors about Amazon gift cards.

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 Amazon gift cards expiration explained

You often get a gift card as a gift or reward, but you don’t have anything in mind to use it on, and you must be worried that it might expire if you don’t use it.

Amazon gift cards do not expire even though you have not redeemed them; you can redeem the gift cards whenever you want. When you redeem it, it will be credited to your Amazon account instantly, and that amazon balance also never expires, so there is no hurry to use it. balance and Amazon gift card terms and conditions state that the gift cards that are issued after the 1st October 2005 do not expire despite any expiration date mentioned on it; you can use it and apply it on any amazon product you want until unless it is prohibited or limited by the laws of your country.

Can Amazon gift cards be returned?

Amazon does not allow returning of Amazon gift cards if you have already redeemed them; in some situations, Amazon customer service can transfer the amount to your other amazon account, but it is impossible to cash them out or take money back for the gift card.

Can Amazon gift cards be cashed out?

No, Amazon gift cards cannot be cashed out as they are directly paid to Amazon, and therefore you can neither transfer nor redeem it at any other store. So you can only use Amazon gift cards on Amazon.

However, there are some sites like eBay where you can sell your Amazon gift cards, but they obviously will take some commission to convert your gift cards.

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