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Does Discord have read receipts?

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Discord is similar to many social media apps, but many features make it different from any other social media application; it is a hub for servers and communities of different categories and has millions of users.

Read receipts are a feature that many social media apps have, which allows users to see when the message they have sent to other users is read by them, every social media app allows its user to turn it off and on according to their preferences. Discord is also a social media and messaging app, so people wonder whether it has the read receipts feature.

In this article, we have discussed whether Discord has the read receipt feature and a few facts about it.

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Does Discord have the read receipts feature?

No, Discord does not have the read-receipt feature.

Probably not what you wanted to learn if you’re one of the Discord users who wants to know whether the person they have sent a message has read their msg or not, but it is good for those who were wondering how to turn off the read receipt feature in discord, as there is no read receipt feature in discord so nobody can know whether you read the message or not.

Why does Discord not have the read receipts?

Discord has never disclosed why it does not have the read receipts feature, but a possible reason is people’s privacy. Many users do not know other users are notified when their message is read.

Is Discord considering adding the read receipts feature?

Yes, Discord is considering adding the read-receipt feature, and Discord also posted about the read receipts on its official Twitter page on June 15, 2022, stating: “What if we had read receipts” — teasing the feature.

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