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Does iMessage notify when you save a photo?

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Apple’s iMessage is the go-to messaging app for iPhone and iPad users given its seamless connectivity and loads of features that makes it interactive. The app also allows people to exchange photos, videos, music and other media.

However, with the increasing demand for privacy features, Apple — and other tech manufacturers — are adding features to their apps and OS overall to help people realise when their data is being accessed.

Readers had earlier asked us ‘does iMessage notify when you take screenshots’ and today we’re going to cover whether or not iMessage notifies people when you save a photo they’ve shared.

iMessage photo notification

The quick answer to your questions is, no.

Apple iMessage doesn’t notify others when you save a photo shared in the chat.

Much like screenshot notifications, there have been rumours about this feature since iOS 15’s release, but even after the iOS 16 update, Apple hasn’t implemented any such feature into iMessage, and it looks unlikely that such a feature will be baked into the app any time soon.

The app does, however, have read receipts, which is as far as you can go in deciding whether or not someone has seen your message. 

Any photos sent on iMessage can be directly saved to the receiver’s photo gallery.

At the moment, there is no way for you — including third-party apps that work with iMessage — to know if the other person has saved the photo in their device or not.

So, overall, iMessage doesn’t notify when you save a photo.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team

  • Ali says:

    This isn’t true. Whilst you aren’t notified, on top of the image sent it will say “saved” in gray if the other party has saved it. So if you notice or scroll back you can see if they saved it or not.

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