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Does PS5 have Bluetooth?

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The PS5 has become incredibly popular in gaming due to its impressive hardware, beautiful graphics, and constantly growing game collection. A crucial part of any gaming console is how it connects to other devices, and in our wireless-focused world, Bluetooth is a vital feature for gamers and tech enthusiasts.

In this article, we have discussed whether the PS5 have Bluetooth and various ways to connect the Bluetooth headsets to the PS5.

Does PS5 have Bluetooth?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) does have Bluetooth capabilities. You can use Bluetooth on the PS5 to connect various devices, including Bluetooth headphones, controllers, and speakers. This feature allows wireless audio and controller connectivity, enhancing the gaming experience and providing convenience.

Keep in mind that not all Bluetooth headphones may be compatible with the PS5, and you may encounter some limitations in terms of functionality. It’s recommended to check the compatibility of your specific headphones with the PS5 to ensure a seamless experience.

Origins of Bluetooth: WiFi vs Bluetooth; Bluetooth 5 vs 4.2

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Various ways to connect Bluetooth headsets to PS5

Below, we have explained a few ways to help you connect your Bluetooth headsets properly with PS5.

Use official or third-party PS5 gaming headsets

If you want a new headset for your PS5, it’s a good idea to check out the ones officially approved by Sony. Sony has a range of headphones designed to work with the PS5, and their basic model is called the Sony Pulse 3D.

These headphones don’t connect directly to the PS5. Instead, they come with a USB wireless adapter that you plug into a USB-A port on the front or back of the console. Once you turn on the headphones, they automatically connect to this adapter, and your PS5 should switch the audio to them.

Use a USB dongle

If you want to use your Bluetooth headphones with the PS5, your best bet is to get a third-party audio-only Bluetooth dongle compatible with the PS5. These dongles work similarly to the official adapters we talked about earlier. When connected to the PS5 (or a PC, Mac, etc.), they act like a USB audio device and manage the wireless audio connection internally.

But, unlike the official adapters, you must manually connect the dongle to your headphones. Usually, you do this by putting your headphones in pairing mode and pressing the pairing button on the dongle. After that, it should automatically connect to the first Bluetooth audio device it finds trying to pair with it.

Connect to the TV

If you own a newer smart TV, it probably already has built-in Bluetooth support. This means you don’t need to connect your headphones to the PS5. Instead, you can connect them directly to the TV, and you’ll hear any sound from the TV through your headphones.

Plug the wired headset in DualSense Controller

Each PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is a wireless audio adapter thanks to Sony’s special technology. You’ll find a headphone jack on the controller between the two handles. Most Bluetooth headsets, except for wireless buds like Apple AirPods, come with a cable to connect wirelessly and wired.

Simply plugging your headphones into the controller lets you enjoy the advantages of wireless 3D audio and chat features, assuming your headset has a microphone. Although it’s not entirely wireless since you’re connected to the controller, you still have the freedom to sit wherever you like, which adds to your gaming convenience.

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