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Enhance Pointer Precision: Is it good for gaming?

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Windows has always been feature-packed for its users to enjoy. However, not all of these features are always helpful. There’s a slew of Windows features that a large part of its userbase doesn’t even know exists.

In this article, we’re talking about a mouse feature in Windows — Enhanced Pointer Precision and find out whether it’s good for gaming or not.

What is Enhance Pointer Precision?

The mouse DPI is an essential part in helping the computer determine how far to move the mouse depending upon how much you physically move the actual mouse. The higher your DPI, the further your mouse will move on-screen with the same physical movement. 

Enhance Pointer Precision is a Windows feature that affects your mouse’s acceleration. When the setting is enabled, Windows will constantly monitor how fast you’re moving your mouse and automatically adjust your mouse’s DPI accordingly.

If you move the mouse faster, it’ll be set to a higher DPI, meaning it’ll cover more screen distance. On the contrary, the DPI will be lowered if you move the mouse slowly, meaning the mouse will not move as much. 

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Is it any good for gaming?

As you can probably guess, since the translation of physical movement to on-screen movement isn’t linear, the setting won’t do you any good when you’re gaming, especially if you’ve already got a gaming mouse that can go pretty high as far as DPI numbers are concerned. 

With the feature enabled, you will not be able to build the muscle memory required to play FPS games competitively, as the mouse will always move differently relative to your hand’s movement. This can also introduce a slight input lag in your mouse movement and a strict no when playing FPS games. 

With the feature disabled, all that matters is your mouse movement. However, when you turn it on, movement speed also comes into play, making those split-second decisions harder for you. 

Why does this feature exist?

So if the feature is terrible, why does it exist and why it’s enabled by default in Windows? 

The answer to this question is rather simple because it improves mouse performance for many people. Although not everyone is using a $50 or more gaming mouse, many people are out there using low-end cheap mice that don’t get very high DPI sensors.

With this feature enabled, Windows ensures that people with low DPI or cheap mice don’t run out of desk space when moving their cursor from one end of the screen to another. 

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How to disable (or enable) this feature?

If you’re looking to enable or disable this feature, here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + I to open Windows settings. Click on Devices.

Enhance Pointer Precision: Is it good for gaming?

Step 2: Head over to the Mouse tab and click on Additional mouse options.

Enhance Pointer Precision: Is it good for gaming?

Step 3: Under the Pointer Options tab, uncheck (or check) the Enhance pointer precision checkbox.

Enhance Pointer Precision: Is it good for gaming?

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Yadullah Abidi

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