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Error 500 WoW armory: Quick Fix 

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If you are a World of Warcraft player and have devoted many hours battling your rivals, you must have heard about The Armory. The Armory is the best and the most up-to-date database for information related to World of Warcraft. It is a valuable resource to learn more about characters or compare yourself to your opponent.

But sometimes gamers have reported seeing an Error 500 in WoW armory leaving the gamers frustrated. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that you can try to fix this error.

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What causes Error 500 WoW armory?

There are three primary reasons why you are seeing an Error 500 while trying to open the WoW armory:

Problems with the server

This error is a server-side issue, and you can do little to nothing on your end. Either the servers are in for an update or an outage due to increased traffic load or some other issue.

Problem with your internet

Another major cause of this error can be that there is a problem with your internet connection and you might have to perform troubleshooting for that.

Geolocation issues

The third probable reason is that you are living in a country where the website is inaccessible.

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Error 500 WoW armory: Possible fixes

Here are some possible fixes for Error 500 WoW armory:

Disable ad-blockers

Disabling ad-blockers or pop-up ads can help fix the error. Most browsers are now equipped with options for disabling pop-up blockers.

If you use Google Chrome, visit this article here to disable pop-up blockers. And if you use Firefox, go to this article for a detailed guide on how to disable pop-up blockers.

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

Over time the cache files build up and consume space and can also cause a variety of errors including this one. So, make it a habit to delete the cache and cookies in your browser once in a while.

We have done some detailed articles on how to clear cache and cookies in different browsers:

Here are the instructions to clear cache and cookies in Safari (Mac):

  • Open the Safari menu and then hit Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data.
  • Now, select the problematic website and then click Remove.

If you are using Safari on iPhone, here’s how to clear cache and cookies:

  • Tap on Safari.
  • After that, scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • Finally, confirm by again tapping on Clear History and Data.

Try a different browser

If you are constantly seeing Error 500 while trying to access the World of Warcraft armory, then you should consider changing the browser.

There are many different browsers in the market that one can choose from. If your current browser isn’t working properly, here’s a comparison of three different browsers that you can choose from. If you are more privacy-focused, visit this article here for a comparison of Chrome vs DuckDuckGo vs Brave.

Fix your internet connection

Here are some points to remember and check if you are trying to fix your internet:

  • First, make sure that there isn’t any internet outage in your area. You can ask your Internet Service Provider for the information or you can visit their website.
  • If there is no outage, then it is time to check the hardware to make sure that they are not damaged. Check all the hardware associated with the internet connection. That includes your router, modem, power cable, and the main power source, among others. Ensure that all the hardware is undamaged and working properly. If you notice any damage, change it asap.
  • If the hardware is fine, then it is time to check the connections. Make sure that the cables are secured firmly in the proper ports.
  • Sometimes, there is too much distance between the WiFi and the receiving device. Make sure that the distance is less. Or, you can directly connect the internet to your computer as it provides a more stable speed compared to WiFi.
  • Also, remove any other electronic appliances that might interfere with the WiFi signals. While you’re at it, place the WiFi on a raised platform so that the devices catch signals seamlessly.
  • If there are many devices connected to your network, remove them before playing games on the internet as the devices share the limited bandwidth of the plan. You can also think of upgrading your existing internet plan.

That’s it! By fixing your internet connection, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and disabling ad-blockers, you can fix the Error 500 in WoW armory easily.

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