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Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android

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This is an old list of the best Football Manager Games on Android. We’ve re-created the list and you can find the updated version of the Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android here.

Football is the most popular sport globally, and the fans often want to get in the manager’s shoes to see how it feels to manage a team and go about winning the game. These Football Manager games are very good at doing that. They have various tactics and gameplay options to choose from, which come pretty close to the real deal.

These Football Manager games come in a wide variety, and all have a lot to offer. With a different set of tactics that each game brings, it results in a very real-life experience. The artificial intelligence built into these games is exceptionally well, and hence the user experience is not compromised.

In this article, we list our top 8 Football Manager Games for Android that will keep you stuck to your phone to get that team managing thrill.

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Top Soccer Manager

Top Soccer Manager, developed by Gamegou Limited, is an excellent app for football simulation and bringing your coaching fantasy to life.  With high quality 3D immersive graphics and a powerful game engine, this is a great app to learn how to manage a football team.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

This game also a real-time multiplayer mode that can be taken advantage of — one can face off against real opponents worldwide, making the game more competitive and fun.

Download Top Soccer Manager here

Soccer Manager 2019 – SE

Soccer Manager 2019 – SE is a football managing game made by CrazySports, which manages to bring out an excellent simulation experience. The game is very immersive and realistic and has an extensive database of 800 clubs and over 30 countries.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

It has an in-depth training system to improve your players’ performance and to build your team’s chemistry on and off the pitch.

Download Soccer Manager 2019 - SE here

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Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

This game developed by Gamebasics BV has a very interactive and simple user interface for managing a team. With official licenses of many clubs and competitions, this app is a great one to experience football simulation.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

They have great features to improve team tactics, training, and make transfers to have a better line-up to play games.

Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) here

Be the Manager 2019 – Football Strategy

Be the Manager 2019 – Football Strategy developed by Mobisoca is an interesting football simulation game. With great features such as managing stadiums and its facilities and building up with games. This game comes with a variety of offensive and defensive strategies.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

This game is completely free to play, and you don’t have to spend any money to have an all-out in-game experience and does not require an internet connection to play.

Download Be The Manager 2019 here

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Top Eleven 2019 – Be a Soccer Manager

The Top Eleven franchise by Nordeus has been there for some time now in the Android market and is one of the most popular games for football simulation. The game has over 200 million users all over the world. It starts with building your club from scratch and then slowly making your way up to the top and then to the big leagues.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

You can choose official jerseys from the Premier League, La Liga and many other top competitions/leagues from the world. You can scout and sign the best players in the world from their live transfer market. Also, weekly clan tournaments are held where one can team up with friends.

Download Top Eleven 2019 here

Pro 11 – Soccer Manager Game

This game can be considered pretty decent when it comes to simulation. Though the developers focus stays on the graphics and the 3D rendering of the overall game, the game itself is commendable.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

They have features such as minigames that help develop your players’ skill and movement. You can also negotiate to get the best sponsors for your team and much more.

Download Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game here

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Pro Evolution Soccer or PES by KONAMI is one of the biggest titles — rivalling EA Sports’ FIFA — when it comes to football games. This particular version by Konami for Android users is a treat for all managerial fans. This game tests your tactical awareness of the game and also provides a very immersive experience.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

With official licensing from many big clubs and competitions, it makes the game even more fun to play. Over 30 million managers play this game all around the world. You can add to the players’ specific skills according to their position. It is a free-to-play game but requires internet.

Download PES Club Manager here

Football Manager 2019 Mobile

All you football enthusiasts probably know about this game because it is the most popular football simulation game created. Anyone who wants to know or learn a thing or two about managing the game and your team needs to play this game.

Top 8 Football Manager Games on Android | Candid.Technology

With official licensing from almost all clubs, countries and competitions, this game is a treat to play. It has a deeper understanding of tactics and in-game strategies. Though this is a paid game, if you want to get an insight into football managing, it is worth the money spent.

Download Football Manager 2019 here

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Rajiv Kulkarni

Rajiv Kulkarni