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How to get Netflix for free?

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While Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service worldwide with coverage in 190 countries and tens of thousands of videos, it is also one of the most expensive too — starting at a monthly price of US$8.99 and INR 499.

While there are loads of good alternatives to Netflix that you can choose to switch to, you’ll still not be able to watch some good originals and other videos licensed by Netflix.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got a few legit ways you can watch Netflix movies and tv shows for free. Follow any of the workarounds below to get Netflix for free.

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How to watch Netflix shows for free?

It’s entirely possible to get to watch Netflix shows for free legitimately, without using any pirated streaming service or leaked login credentials and cookies.

How to get Netflix for free? | Candid.Technology

Netflix offers seven pilots of popular shows to watch for free; yes, absolutely free! Use the link below to access free Netflix videos.

Click here to watch the free titles available on Netflix.

At the time of writing, you’ll be able to watch the pilots of the following TV shows on Netflix.

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Get a free Netflix trial and repeat

Netflix sometimes offers a free trial of up to three months at a time, and if you see the offer in your country, you should get the free Netflix trial, then another and another, and so on until you run out of credit cards.

One of my friends from college used up all the credit cards in his family to get the free Netflix trial for almost two years. But that was a few years back, and Netflix isn’t currently offering a free trial in India. However, if you really want to check out the platform, you can either try one of the series above or opt for their INR 199/month mobile plan in India. You can read about the other three plans Netflix offers in India here.

You can check out to see if the streaming service is currently offering a free trial in your country and then get going from there.

If you really like the content on Netflix, you can also subscribe to one of their paid plans. Netflix subscription starts at $8.99/month in USA for their Basic (SD) plan and goes up to $17.99/month for their Premium (Ultra HD) plan. You can check Netflix plans in your country here.

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Avail free Netflix offers from ISPs, telcos and more

Several telecom networks in India, including Airtel and Jio, have been offering a few months of Netflix for free alongwith certain plans — both on their mobile network and broadband. Similarly, O2 in UK, T-Mobile and Magenta in USA also offer free Netflix subscription to customers when they subscribe to selected plans.

Now while this might not be entirely free as you’re going to have to pay for the carrier or ISP’s subscription, if you’re already going to do that, this might be worth a look.

Bonus: Contribute and buy a subscription

You can also contribute with a few friends or family members and buy one of the Netflix subscription plans on offer. In India, four of you can make individual profiles (and make your profile private) to stream in Ultra HD for INR 200 each on any device of your choice. It’s a win-win situation. You get the best quality for the lowest price.

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