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Google Gemini chatbot to integrate YouTube Music soon

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Google is set to integrate YouTube Music into its AI chatbot, Gemini, as part of its strategy to enhance the platform through extensions. This integration will allow users to search, play, and explore music directly within Gemini, resulting in an improved music experience.

The recent breakthrough comes from Android Authority’s Assemble Debug, who successfully activated a new Gemini Extension tailored for YouTube Music within the Google app version

Despite not being live within Gemini yet, the advanced stage of development suggests an imminent launch for the YouTube Music Extension.

Gemini Extensions provides users access to vast data across Google’s various platforms. By integrating with Google Workspace, Gemini can extract relevant information from a user’s content and provide concise answers. Similarly, incorporating Google Maps allows Gemini to deliver location-specific data with accuracy.

Similarly, YouTube Music integration to Gemini could provide an enhanced experience for music enthusiasts, allowing them to explore, play and uncover their favourite tunes, artists, and playlists.

The extension also grants access to a user’s YouTube Music account data, including playlists, playback history, and preferences, perfecting Gemini’s ability to personalise recommendations and responses.

YouTube Extension on Gemini. | Source: Android Authority

After activation, the YouTube Music Extension will appear prominently on Gemini’s ‘Extensions’ page. Once enabled, the extension will allow you to search for music within Gemini. The results will be directly from YouTube Music, so you can easily explore your music preferences without leaving the chat interface.

Clicking on search results will transition to the YouTube Music app, playing the desired content or redirecting to the web version if the app isn’t installed.

It’s crucial to note that the YouTube Music Extension differs significantly from Gemini’s existing ‘Music Provider’ functionality. While the Extension enriches Gemini searches with YouTube Music data, the Music Provider feature allows users to designate their preferred default music app.

As the AI industry grows, big tech giants plan to integrate AI functionality into every aspect of their software. Microsoft launched Copilot to allow Windows users to access some features directly from the tool. The company also went as far as to launch a Copilot key on Windows keyboard to further assimilate the tool into the daily workflow of the public.

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