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What is G Shift? A quick guide

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Logitech has been making high-quality computer peripherals for quite some time now. Needless to say, they also make quite the gaming peripheral lineup. However, good gaming hardware needs good software to bring out its full potential.

Logitech’s software has also evolved over time. From the largely popular Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to the newly released Logitech Gaming Hub, the software lets you configure your devices and map keys down to your preferences so you’re getting the best out of your hardware.

In this article, we’re taking a look at Logitech’s G-Shift feature, what it does, how to configure it and everything else you need to know.

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What is Logitech G-Shift?

G-Shift is a feature in both Logitech Gaming Hub and Logitech Gaming Software that allows you to assign macros to any configurable button on your Logitech Gaming mouse, keyboard or even headphones.

Your Logitech mouse can do a lot of things with G-Shift.

The feature works by assigning one button as the G-Shift button holding which will change the functionality of all other buttons on your peripherals. This lets users map buttons into two completely different formats and control schemes. This also means that you don’t have to squabble to press complex keyboard shortcuts. Just two buttons on your mouse or keyboard will do.

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How to configure G-Shift?

Configuring G-Shift is exactly the same as configuring your other keybinds and works the same way in both Logitech Gaming Hub and Logitech Gaming Software.

Here’s how you can configure a G-Shift layout in Logitech Gaming Hub.

Step 1: Open GHub and click your mouse (or other peripheral).

What is G Shift? A quick guide

Step 2: Head over to the System tab under Assignments and scroll down to find G-Shift. Click and drag the option onto the key you want to make the G-Shift modifier.

What is G Shift? A quick guide

Step 3: Enable the G-Shift slider.

What is G Shift? A quick guide

Step 4: Drag and drop your keybinds to the respective buttons. Note that G-Shift keybinds show up in yellow while your standard binds will show up in white.

What is G Shift? A quick guide

Once you’re done, save the profile and now every time you press the G-Shift modifier you assigned, any buttons you press will perform the G-Shift actions you assigned.

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