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How far does water flow in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is primarily based on mining elements and then making the tools required to survive in the world. However, the game isn’t all about just digging underground to get metals. There’s a fair bit to do on the surface as well.

Water bodies in the game can be rather valuable. They’re used as dividers between biomes and can quickly transport items from one spot to another. In this article, we’re looking at how far water flows in Minecraft.

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Water flow in Minecraft

You can transport water using buckets in Minecraft. Once you’ve filled a bucket with water, placing it on a flat surface will cause the water to flow up to seven blocks in each direction, as you can see below.

How far does water flow in Minecraft?

If you’re placing water on a hillside or an elevated block, it’ll flow until it reaches the surface and then seven blocks more. If there are obstacles in the way, it’ll slow down the water flow, potentially impacting its spread. Depending upon the terrain and obstacles around its flow, water will flow a different number of blocks. The maximum, however, still remains seven blocks.

How far does water flow in Minecraft?

Creating still water 

Most water bodies in Minecraft are still as the water is contained within geographic features. If you’re looking to create a still water body, you’ll have to create a small pond or lake and then fill it in with water. Since you’re digging your own terrain, you can add undulations or have it completely flat. As long as the area within which you’re adding water is closed off, you can add still water without a problem.

How far does water flow in Minecraft?

You can use this to your advantage to create an infinite water source in the game. You’ll require two buckets and a space that’s at least three blocks long and wide with a single block in the middle, as shown in the screenshot below. 

How far does water flow in Minecraft?

Once you’ve set the space, you can collect water from the middle block, and it’ll automatically be replenished. 

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