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How long does it take to delete a Discord account?

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You may have heard of Discord in passing, or you may have probably used this platform to play online games with your friends, chat, video call and voice call with them. Discord is a multi-purpose social media app that harbours various communities which specialise in anything from video games, crocheting, and book clubs to streaming movies.

However, if this app is not for you, in this article, we will discuss how long it takes for your Discord account to get deleted.

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Why does account deletion take time?

If you have deleted your account and can still view it when you search for it, it is probably in the process of deletion. If you log in from your deleted account, Discord will inform you that the account is scheduled for deletion.

Discord generally takes two to three weeks to delete your account permanently from their servers.

You can also disable your account if you don’t want to delete it permanently. Discord ensures all of your data collected by them or stored by you is deleted within a month.

Here's how to delete your Discord account, or deactivate it and also how to reactivate the account
How to delete your Discord account? And how to restore deleted account?

Take the time to delete your account, even if it takes time for the result to show, as it will remove any private information stored in their servers.

Read our article about the information stored by Discord and whether it is encrypted. 

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Requesting Discord

You can contact Discord and inform them of your reason if you want to immediately delete your account before the two or three weeks are over. Any server you create with two or more people will not be deleted. The chat box will show you as a ‘Deleted User’.

How to delete a Discord server? Via the website and app

If you are trying to delete a deceased individual’s account, you will have to contact and email Discord’s help and safety branch. This way, you can provide the email, and they may ask for proof, after which they will delete the account.

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