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How to add a device to Google Play? 

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Google Play store needs no introduction. If you’re an Android user, most of the apps on your mobile are from the Play Store. But did you know that you can also add multiple devices to your Google Play account?

This can be useful if you own multiple Android devices or if you want to switch to a new device without losing your data and settings.

In this article, we’ll explore two ways by which you can add a device to Google Play. We’ll also explain how to manage and remove them from your account.

Method 1: Add a device or account using Settings

The first way to add a device is by heading to the Settings option on your Android device. Once you are done with the process, the account will be automatically linked to your Google Play account on your current device as well as sync your contact, photos, Gmail, and other Google services.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Settings app and then head to Passwords and accounts. In this sub-setting, you can see all the accounts that you use on your current device.
  • Tap on Add account.
  • Next, tap on Google to fill out your Google credentials (the ones you use for Google Play).
  • Enter the email address and password. Also, you will have to agree to Google’s Terms of Service.

Once you are done, you will see the new account in the Passwords and account sub-setting. This also means that the process was a success and you can now use the new account to access multitudes of Google services.

Now, let us head to another method to do the same thing.

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Method 2: Add a device or account directly to Play Store

The second and more direct way is to head to the Play Store and then add a device or account.

  • Open Google Play Store and then tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Next, tap on the downward arrow and then tap on Add account.

After that enter your Google email and other information and you will have successfully added a new device.

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How to manage your devices on Google Play?

You can edit or remove the account from your current device easily. Once you have removed the account from Settings, it will also be removed from other Google services including Google Play.

Head to Settings > Passwords and accounts. Tap on the account that you want to remove and then select Remove account.

In conclusion, adding or removing a device on Google Play is an easy process and just requires a few taps. When you add multiple accounts on your current device, you can enjoy your favourite apps, games, music, books, and more across multiple devices.

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