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How to add bullet points in Google Sheets?

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Bullet points are a great way to organise your content. You can use these to highlight specific content, subheadings, and summaries.

Many platforms like Google Docs or Microsoft Word have an easily accessible feature to add bullet points. However, adding bullet points in Google Sheets can be tricky since no direct option exists.

In this article, we’ll explain how to insert bullet points in Google Sheets. We’ll cover the following three ways:

Method 1: Use the CHAR function

The first way we will explain adding bullet points in Google Sheets is by using the CHAR function. This function converts a number into a character as per the Unicode table.

Select a cell where you want to insert the bullet point, and type: =CHAR(Unicode). Press Enter or click on any other cell to finalise the process.

Here are some Unicode characters for bullet points:

  • For the black circle, use the formula =CHAR(9679)
  • For a black square as a bullet point, use the formula: =CHAR(9632)
  • For the black arrow which is pointing right, use the formula: =CHAR(9656)
  • For a black tick mark, use the formula: =CHAR(10004)
  • For a grey tick mark, use the formula: =CHAR(10003)
  • For a black cross, use the formula: =CHAR(10008)

You must use the formula: =CHAR(Unicode)&” “&CellNumber to add cell data in front of bullet points in Google Sheets.

In the above screenshot, I used the formula =CHAR(9632)&” “&A3 because I wanted to add a bullet point to the A3 cell. Press Enter to see the item displayed as a bullet point. There is no space between the last ‘&’ and cell number.

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Method 2: Add bullet points in Google Sheets using Custom Formatting

The Custom Formatting option is the second method to add bullet points in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Select the cells where you want to add bullet points and head to Format > Number > Custom number format.

Step 2: Now, head to Google Docs, copy the bullet point dot or other symbol for there, and then paste it in the box. After that, add @ after the bullet point symbol. Press Apply when you’re done.

You’ll notice that all the items in your cells are in bullet points:

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Method 3: Copy and paste bullet points into Google Sheets

If you feel the above two methods are not easy or uncomfortable, go to another document organiser and creation platform, such as Google Docs and copy the bullet points from there. You already know how to copy and paste bullet points in the above section.

Here’s how to find bullet points on Google Docs:

Step 1: Open Google Docs, click Insert, and select Special characters.

Step 2: Type a bullet in the search bar and click on the symbol you want. That symbol will appear on the document. Now, select that symbol and press Ctrl + C to copy that symbol.

Step 3: Copy the bullet point on Google Sheets and type the remaining cell content.

In conclusion, bullet points make your document look organised, and the reader finds it easier to glance at the main points. You can easily add bullet points in Google Sheets using any of the three methods.

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