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How to book a round-trip in Ola?

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If you have ever had your train or bus booking cancelled last minute, then you may be familiar with the stress that follows. What do you do next? Ola has a feature of round-trip packages. You can book a cab to your favoured destination and return back with the same cab in an hour-based period.

This gives an entirely new option to choose from, be it an emergency or a day trip, you can quickly book an Ola Outstation cab which provides this feature. This article will help you understand how to enable this feature and safely reach your preferred destination in economical packages.

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What are round trips on Ola?

In the round-trip package, you can book a cab for a maximum of seven days and you can adjust the timing accordingly. You can also cancel the trip without cancellation charges up to about two hours before the trip commences. Ola presents you with a calculated and economical fare, as you continue booking.

The driver stays with you throughout the round trip, ensuring safety and comfort. Ola does charge a night-time allowance fee for the driver along with their regular fee.

Rules and restrictions set by Ola

These rules will be shown to you once you have selected your package and are about to confirm your booking.

  • The fare that Ola shows you in advance does not include the cost of toll taxes, permits, state tax, or parking. You will have to pay for them if the situation arises.
  • An additional fee of INR 100 will be applied should the hours get extended beyond the chosen package.
  • An additional fee of INR 10 will be charged for every extra kilometre covered.
  • A driver fee of INR 150 is charged on a daily bases as per the days present in your package.
  • If your package includes nights then a night-time fee for the driver of INR 100 will be charged accordingly.
  • There will also be extra charges that may be applied if your trip does not end back at the pickup location or the place from where your round-trip began.

How to use the feature?

The following steps can be followed to enable the feature for a round trip.

  • Open the Ola app on your mobile phone or you can book one through their website. You can tap on the outstation option among the three choices shown.
  • Type in your current location if your location is not pre-marked. After this, type in your desired destination.
  • Tap on the Round trip option and then on the Select option to alter the date and time you wish to leave for your destination. Tap on the Next button.
  • Select the date and time you wish to return back, according to this Ola will schedule its round trip package. Based on the number of days and hours, Ola will calculate the total fare.
  • After selecting Confirm, you will be redirected to the main page. Here, you can choose your desired mode of transportation from Ola’s select fleet.
  • You can tap on Review Booking and go through your fare.
  • You may choose to review your booking by looking at the breakdown of fare and you can also book the ride for someone else, by tapping on the Myself option.
  • Although already mentioned in this article, you can go through the rules and restrictions implied by Ola. Then tap on Confirm Booking. You can pay either in cash or through an online transaction.

You can go through frequently asked questions about outstation for further information, an option on the final booking page.

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