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How to book Ola Outstation?

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If you are looking to head out of town on a vacation or a business trip, then Ola Outstation cabs are what you want. With Ola Outstation service, intercity travel has become more accessible and safer.

This article will help you understand everything there is to know about Ola Outstation and give you instructions on how to book Ola Outstation cab in an instant.

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What is Ola Outstation?

It is a transportation service offered by Ola, a cab rental company. It allows you to book from 1 hour to 7 days in advance. There is an option for a round-trip as well, that can be scheduled for return in the next 6-8 days. Now, you can book any trip you like, from solo to one with friends or a family trip. Suitable for business travel, to help you travel without distractions or even a weekend getaway. It gives affordable prices mixed with the perfect feeling of a road trip.

They provide a wide range of cars to choose from mini SUVs to sedans. From the number of time-slots presented by the app, you can choose one according to your convenience and book the cab.

Ola Outstation rules and restrictions

Ola sets a few rules and restrictions for their Outstation service, so make sure you keep the following points in mind before booking one:

  • Toll costs, parking, permits and state taxes are excluded from the estimated fare.
  • Additional hours will be charged on an hourly basis depending on the destination.
  • Additional charges will be applicable on every extra kilometre covered.
  • A driver allowance is charged every 24 hours which gets covered in the estimated fare. This fare depends on your destination.
  • Night time allowance from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am for drivers is also added to the total fees. This fare varies according to the chosen destination.
  • Extra fare may apply if the trip is not ended at the chosen destination.

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How to book Ola Outstation?

Open the Ola app on your phone and follow the steps mentioned below to book Ola Outstation cab. You can also book an outstation cab using the Ola website.

How to book Ola Outstation?
  • When you open the app on your mobile, you’ll see four options, namely, Daily, Pre-owned, Rentals and Outstation. Tap on Outstation.
  • Enter your destination and choose if you want a one-way trip, then tap on the blue date and time to set your preference.
How to book Ola Outstation?
  • Cabs can be booked on hour or seven days in advance.
  • You can also schedule a round-trip, by specifying your return date and time.
How to book Ola Outstation?
  • Tap on the blue Select link, to set your preferred return date and time. The fare in round-trips are shown according every kilometre.
  • After deciding on the type of your trip, tap on review booking to proceed further.
How to book Ola Outstation?
Rules and restrictions
  • Recheck your specifications by going through the breakdown of estimated fare.
  • Go through the rules and restrictions as well as Outstation FAQs, to get a better understanding of your fare and other equally important information. When satisfied, tap on confirm booking.

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