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How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?

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How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?

Crafting and building your tools, weapons, and items are at the core of Minecraft. However, the game does allow players to jump into creative mode to unleash their inner builder and create some amazing structures.

In this article, we’re building a primary sky tower so that you can get the hang of creating aerial structures in Minecraft and start building your own.

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Building a sky tower

First and foremost, you need to pick a base block that forms the sky island you’ll use to build the tower. Once we have a platform, we’ll build a basic two-storey tower structure.

Building the island

Since sky towers are built in the sky, we need a block that can suspend freely in the air. Grass blocks are relatively readily available and perfect for this job. So pick a height and place grass blocks on top of one another to reach the base of your sky island.

Once you’re there, you can start putting down blocks adjacent to the smaller tower you created to reach the base height, and you should have something resembling a platform. Once your platform is done, break down the grass block tower you created earlier to get a freely suspending platform. 

How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?
Here’s our platform.

In this example, we’re building a 20 x 20 platform 50 blocks high. If you want, you can add extra blocks under the platform to make it look like it was just pulled out of the ground. However, for simplicity, we’ll keep it a simple platform. 

Make a boundary

Once you have your platform, it’d be nice to have a small boundary, so you accidentally don’t fall off. If you’re doing this in creative mode, there isn’t much of a problem here; however, the fall damage can cost you dearly if you’re in survival mode. 

How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?
The platform is ready with Oak Fences.

We’re just lining the boundary with Oak Fences. However, feel free to use a wall or more blocks if you want. 

Start building your tower!

Now that we have our platform ready and secure let’s start building our tower. We’re using wood and white concrete for the first floor. Once again, feel free to experiment with your materials. 

How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?
The basic structure is starting to come together.

Be sure to add some doors to get in and out and some windows so it isn’t completely dark inside. This is how our base looks at the moment.

Some finishing touches

Now we’re going to add some torches and lamps for lighting during the night. We’ll also be adding some stairs so that we access the roof. This is how the base looks from the inside,

How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?
Make sure that there’s enough lighting inside.

And this is out; it looks like from the outside when it’s dark. Note the added torches and campfires. 

How to build a sky tower in Minecraft?
This is how the final base looks at night.

And that’s all you need to do to have a basic sky tower in Minecraft. 

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