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How to change the address in Meesho?

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Meesho has become a famous platform allowing people to start online businesses by reselling products. Whether you’re new to business or an avid shopper, it’s essential to have correct and current information on your profile, especially your address, to ensure smooth transactions and timely deliveries.

This article discusses how to change the address before placing an order from Meesho and how to change it after the order has been placed.

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How to change your address before placing an order on Meesho?

If you want to change your address before placing an order on Meesho, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Meesho app on your phone and choose the product that you want to order and then tap on the Buy Now button
  • On the review order page, tap on the Select Delivery Address button.
  • On the next page, you have two options Add a new address option and Edit option to edit the existing address.
  • After adding the address, tap on Save Address and Continue button and place your order.

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How to change your address after placing an order on Meesho?

Sometimes, people forget to update their shipping address before placing an order. But if you wish to change the shipping address after placing the order, it depends on whether it has been verified.

If the order has not been verified, then you can contact Meesho support and ask them to change the delivery address, but if you have placed an order and it has been verified, then the address cannot be changed. You have to cancel the order, change the address before placing the order and then place the order again.

Contact Meesho Support

  • Phone No.: 08061799600
  • Email:

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