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How to change POV in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the most popular action-adventure sandbox games to have ever come out. The game is nearly a decade old but is still popular amongst gamers of all ages. 

The game’s main focus is on scavenging items and mining elements to help create weapons, tools and other objects required for your survival throughout the three realms. That said, the game does throw in a lot of different elements your way to keep things interesting.

This article discusses POV settings in Minecraft, why they’re important, and how you can change them.

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What is POV and why is it important?

POV stands for Point Of View and essentially represents the point of view or perspective from which you see the game. In Minecraft, there are three different POVs you can use. 

  • First-Person View: This is the default camera that sees through the eyes of your character in-game. 
  • Third-Person View: This second camera option works as a conventional third-person view in video games, where you see your character from behind at a distance. 
  • Third-Person Rear View: In this camera view, you see your character exactly in the third-person view but from the front instead. 
The Third-Person Rear View is useful for screenshots.

You might prefer the first-person or third-person view based on your situation and gameplay style. The final view — third-person rear view — isn’t of much use as you can only see what’s behind you, but it does come in handy when taking screenshots. 

How to change POV in Minecraft?

Changing the POV in Minecraft is rather simple. Refer to the table below to see the key for your particular platform. 

PlatformControl to Toggle View
Xbox 360LS
Xbox OneLS
Wii UPress the Left Stick
Nintendo SwitchPress the Left Joycon stick
Windows 10 EditionF5
Pocket Edition (PE)
Pause game, tap Settings > Video > Camera Perspective
Education Edition (EDU)F5

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