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How to Control+Find on Mac?

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Apple’s macOS has many useful features and shortcuts to make your daily tasks easier, and one of these essential tools is Control + Find. Whether you’ve been using a Mac for a long time or are new to it, knowing how to use Control + Find can save you time and make your computer experience more enjoyable.

Control + Find, also known as find on page or find in document, is like a super search tool. It helps you find specific words, sentences, or things in documents, web pages, and apps. So whether you’re looking for something in a long essay, editing a document, or just trying to find your way around a webpage, you can use Control + Find.

In this article, we discuss various ways to use the find tool on Mac, equivalent to Windows Control + F.

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Use the keyboard shortcut

You can activate the Find tool by pressing Ctrl + F when using Windows.

However, on a Mac, all you need to do is press Command + F to access the macOS equivalent of this tool.

It’s worth noting that some Mac keyboards display a small cloverleaf-like symbol instead of the word Command.

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Use the Menu bar to open Find

Not everyone finds keyboard shortcuts easy to remember, and some Mac shortcuts can be tricky. If that’s the case, you can choose an alternative method. Follow the steps below to use Find for Apple’s apps like Pages, Safari, Notes, and others.

Step: When using the app, click on the Edit tab in the Menu bar, then in the dropdown menu, click on the Find and then in the Find dropdown menu, click on the Find option.

If you’re using third-party apps, you might see the same option or something similar in the menu bar as well. No matter which app you use on your Mac, go to the Edit option in the menu bar, and you’ll likely find the Find feature there.

Certain apps have built-in search features, which can often be the simplest way to find things. In Apple apps such as Finder, Reminders, and Messages, a specific search bar or button is usually at the top. Third-party apps like Slack typically have a search bar or button, usually located at the top.

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