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How to undo and redo on Mac?

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, time is precious, and being efficient is crucial. For Mac users, working with multiple apps and editing documents can lead to accidental mistakes. There is nothing to worry about. Apple’s macOS has a feature called: undo and redo. Whether you’re a creative pro, student, or casual user, mastering these commands will boost your productivity and fix errors effortlessly.

In this article, we have discussed the keyboard shortcuts and steps to undo and redo through the menu bar on Mac.

Understanding the basics

If you’ve ever made a spelling mistake in Pages, drawn the wrong thing in Photoshop, or moved a file to the wrong place in Finder, you can use Undo in many Mac apps that can fix these and other mistakes. In simple terms, the Undo command allows you to reverse the most recent action you performed, while Redo essentially undoes the undo and restores the action you previously reversed.

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Keyboard shortcut to Undo and Redo on Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts makes any task easier and faster. If you like using keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity, we have mentioned the keyboard shortcuts to undo and redo on Mac.

Undo on Mac

The keyboard to undo is the Command + Z key.

Redo on Mac

The keyboard to undo is the Shift + Command + Z key.

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Undo and Redo using the Edit Menu

Another way to Undo and Redo is by using the option in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Undo on Mac

Step: To undo any action, click on the Edit tab in the menu bar and then in the dropdown menu, click on Undo.

It is usually the first option in the dropdown menu. The menu will show you what action is being undone, like Undo typing, Undo Close Tab, or Undo Crop. You can undo multiple recent actions from this menu, just like using the undo shortcut on the keyboard.

Redo on Mac

Step: To redo, click on the Edit tab in the menu bar and then in the dropdown menu, click on Redo.

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