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How to crash a Chromebook?

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Are you trying to find a simple way to make your Chromebook crash on purpose? Even though a system crash is usually not something you want to happen on your Chromebook, there are a few easy methods to make it crash suddenly and intentionally.

Want to crash your Chromebook? This article discusses various URLs to crash your Chromebook using Chrome’s built-in debugging URLs.

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Various built-in URLs to crash Chromebook

Here are various built-in URLs to crash your Chromebook and your GPU and URLs to restart safely.

Crash Trigger URL

To initiate a browser crash and subsequently make your Chromebook reset, enter chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz/ into your Google Chrome browser’s URL bar. This link is intended for developers to evaluate how Google Chrome and ChromeOS handle crashes. Ensure you save essential data before experimenting with this, as all applications and browser tabs will be closed, resulting in data loss.

Like the previous link, chrome://crash/ serves the same purpose of inducing a browser crash, providing you with an alternative for testing and analysis.

GPU crash test

To test your Chromebook’s GPU and graphics part specifically, input chrome://gpucrash/ into your browser. While this won’t fully crash your Chromebook, your screen may temporarily go black. It’s important to note that all applications and browser tabs will remain open during this process.

Safe reboot

Unlike the crash-inducing links, chrome://restart/ won’t crash your Chromebook but will trigger an immediate reboot. Enter this URL in your Chrome browser, and it will close all applications and tabs before initiating a safe restart.

How many tabs can crash your Chromebook?

The number of tabs that can crash your Chromebook varies based on its model. Chromebooks with more memory (RAM) can handle more tabs without crashing.

If you’re using an older Chromebook with less RAM, opening many tabs, especially those with heavy activities like video streaming or games, might make it freeze or crash. If your Chromebook is acting up and crashing unexpectedly, a quick fix can be closing some tabs.

Can a crash damage a Chromebook?

Yes, but the severity of the damage depends on how the crash happened. Crashes happen for different reasons, and the consequences can differ.

  • A small crash might mean losing unsaved data.
  • If the crash is because of corrupted information on the computer’s storage, it could keep causing issues even after restarting.
  • If a crash is due to problems with the hardware, it might mean that a physical component in your Chromebook is already damaged.

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