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How to delete Meesho account?

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If you’re a seller wanting to reach more customers or a buyer looking for special products, Meesho provides a smooth shopping experience. But you might leave the platform for different reasons and delete your Meesho account.

There is no direct way to delete the Meesho account; you can delete it by emailing Meesho support or contacting them at the given phone number.

This article discusses how to delete Meesho’s account through email and phone numbers and a few things to consider before deleting the account.

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Delete the Meesho account by contacting Meesho support via Email

Below we have mentioned the steps to delete the Meesho account by emailing Meesho support.

  • Compose an email to [email protected].
  • In the subject section type Request to delete my account.
  • Then in the content body, type your account information like your name, email and phone no. so they can verify your account and then request them to delete your Meesho account.

Delete the Meesho account by contacting Meesho support via Phone no.

Connect with Meesho customer support on phone no. 08061799600, and then request them to delete your account. Requesting to delete the account via email is the best option, as connecting to customer support through phone number can be hectic sometimes.

Things to consider before deleting the Meesho account

  • Once you delete your account, it’s gone forever, and you can’t get it back. This means that all your profile information, like the things you sell, orders you’ve made, and people you’re connected with, will be permanently lost.
  • Before you delete your account, cancel any payments or subscriptions with Meesho. This way, you won’t be charged for services you won’t use anymore.
  • Also, if you have any unresolved issues with other Meesho users, it’s best to sort them out before deleting your account. This will prevent any problems with your account being flagged or banned.
  • If your Meesho account is linked to other social media platforms or websites, disconnect them before deleting it. This will avoid any confusion or duplicate accounts.

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