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How to edit a PDF on Android?

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PDFs are widely used because they are dependable and work well for various purposes in personal and professional lives. However, there are times when you might want to make changes or add notes to these files while you’re away from your computer. There isn’t a built-in way to edit PDF files on Android devices. If you want to edit a PDF on your Android, use a third-party app or tool.

In this article, we discussed how to edit PDFs through the Adobe PDF editor app and how to edit PDFs through online websites.

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How to edit PDFs on Android through the Adobe app?

To edit your PDF using the official Adobe app or website, you must subscribe to Adobe. With a free account, you can do basic things like adding text, using sticky notes and drawings, storing and sharing files, and trying out more than 20 PDF and e-signing tools.

The free account doesn’t offer many advanced features, but it should work fine if you need to add text or sign your PDF, especially when using a mobile device. Adobe tends to lock the more advanced features behind a paywall, but the free version will do the job for basic editing tasks.

  • Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF app from the Google Play Store, then launch and sign in with your ID.
  • Tap on the Add (Plus sign in a blue circle) button.
  • In the menu, tap on the Open File option.
  • On the screen, tap on the location where the file you want to edit is stored.

If you want to edit the PDF file and don’t want to subscribe to Adobe, then you can download and use other PDF editor apps from the Google Play Store. Many apps will let you edit the PDF file for free, but the problem with the free apps is that there is no guarantee that your file will stay safe.

How to edit PDFs on Android through websites?

Many online websites allow editing PDF files and not just adding text or images for free. But just like free apps, there is no guarantee your file will stay safe. If you think the website is safe or the file does not hold confidential information, you can search for a PDF editor on Google and check out the online PDF editor websites.

If your academic curriculum or job requires you to edit or view PDFs on the go, you can also check out PdfFiller, a cost-effective solution or WPS Office.

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