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How to get coins in Ludo King?

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One of the most essential commodities of Ludo King is coins, and earning more coins help in playing more online matches and helps in purchasing different themes.

If you’re new or a seasoned player and want to get some ideas about how to get coins in Ludo King, here are eight ways using which you can earn coins in Ludo King and level up your game.

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Play more online matches

Well, this method is an obvious one and if you have downloaded Ludo King on your smartphone, then playing online matches is the first reason why? Online games are more challenging, and fun and help players earn more points (in the case of Ludo King-coins) and level up faster.

Ludo king allows players to select various modes to play matches globally and even has an option to play with friends. You can only enter these matches by betting coins, and if you win (or finish 2nd or 3rd in case of a four-player game), you win a fair amount of coins back.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Taking Risk

Games, where to enter into a match you have to pay upfront (with either coins or trophies), undoubtedly involve taking some risks now and then. In Ludo king, the more coins you bet on a match, the higher the returns will be, but the risk remains the same.

Think it like this, if you enter a match with 500 coins and play a two-player game, then the chances of winning will be 50% per cent, and if you win, you get 950 coins back (a total of 52% return). But if you bet 500 coins on a four-player game with a 25% winning rate, then victory will land you 1,900 coins (380% return).

The bigger the risk, the bigger will be the reward. The upside is that coming 2nd or 3rd in a match will also profit you. So betting big won,t be that risky if you think.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Completing the missions

To make the game more captivating, Ludo King has introduced various themes like Egypt theme, candy theme and so on, changing the Ludo board into these unique styles. And to unlock these themes, one has to purchase them.

So, the best alternative is to complete live missions in the game that appear occasionally. Playing these live matches and fulfilling mission requirements in the meantime will help save coins and unlock themes.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

7 Up-down

It,s an interesting mini-game concept that came as an update in the game for the users to earn more coins. And not a very complex one to understand. In this case, two dices will be rolled, and you have to guess whether the total count on both the dices will be more, less or equal to 7. For every correct guess, you earn double the amount you have betted. It gets more intriguing, if you guess correctly that the total count on both the dices will be seven, then you earn triple the amount betted.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Spin the lucky wheel

This concept is not new and has been around for some time now; almost all online games have a wheel of luck. The idea is to spin the wheel, and the coin slab which stops at its header will be the winning amount. You get a free spin every 4 hours. You can also unlock more spins by watching additional ads.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Watchind ads

If you want to earn quick buck alias coins, watching ads is another way. You get to watch five ads per day to earn more than 2000 coins combined. Also, sometimes these ads help you double the amount won in the lucky spin wheel.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Install related games

Ludo King sponsors many other games on its platform that you can play. And if you install those games from the advertisements shown on its home page, you can earn up to 5000 coins per download. What’s fascinating is that the coins stay with you even if you delete those games instantly after downloading. Thus, you can install them and earn coins easily.

How to get coins in Ludo King?

Daily Logins

Ludo king encourages its users to log in to the platform every day by offering free coins. And logging in for consecutive days helps you earn more and more coins.

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