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How to get Mushroom blocks in Minecraft?

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Minecraft has a bunch of blocks for players to break and collect drops only to use in crafting tools, weapons and all sorts of recipes that the game has. However, not all blocks are the same, and some are more useful than others.

In this article, we’re looking at Mushroom blocks in Minecraft and how you can get them.

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Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

Mushroom blocks are solid blocks that can be harvested from huge mushrooms. They’re tree-like structures found naturally in Swamps (Bedrock Edition only), dark forests and mushroom fields biomes. Alternatively, you can also grow a huge mushroom by growing a small mushroom and applying bone meal on it, as small mushrooms won’t turn into huge mushrooms naturally. 

There are three kinds of mushroom blocks in the game:

  • Red Mushroom block
  • Brown Mushroom block 
  • Mushroom stem

The type of block you get depends on the source of the mushroom. The block themselves are only harvested by mining huge mushrooms with the Silk Touch enchantment tool. Mining the cap or the stem will yield the same texture on all sides of the mushroom. Additionally, mushroom blocks aren’t broken by a piston. 

How to get Mushroom blocks in Minecraft?
Mushroom blocks are only generated when breaking a huge mushroom with a Silk Touch tool.

If you try breaking a huge mushroom with a normal tool, it’ll take just mushroom items instead. Mushroom blocks behave the same way, dropping zero to two mushroom items if broken. Also, keep in mind that the Fortune enchantment has no effect when mining mushrooms.

These blocks don’t have much use per se, but you can use them as a fuel source in furnaces (each block smelts 1.5 items). When used in the composter, it yields an 85% chance of making another layer, and lastly, these blocks can be placed under note blocks to produce a bass sound. 

Getting Musroom blocks

As mentioned above, to get a Mushroom block, you’re going to need an axe with the Silk Touch enchantment. Once you do have the right tool, all you have to do is find a huge mushroom and use the axe to get as many mushroom blocks as you want. 

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